Will Mixed Reality take over smart phones?

23/07/2024 20mins
Ajish Prakash


Smartphones have crept into the lives of nearly every single individual. Today, people spend about 3 hours on an average using their smartphones, on a daily basis. Games like Pokemon Go on the smartphones already played their fair share of making augmented reality mainstream. However, the concept of Mixed Reality has just shown up and is expected to become a part of mainstream life very soon.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality is a product of Magic Leap which is a company based in Florida, United States. The mixed reality platform is supposed to surpass the augmented reality experience. Having more than 1 billion euros in investment, the company has just uncovered the very first headset called the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. These are goggles that make use of the digital light field technology. What this technology does is to project light onto your eyes, which is then perceived by the brain. As a result of this, three-dimensional objects are placed in the field of view of a person.

As the person moves, the objects also move along and appear at different focal lengths. As a result of which, the objects look as if they are present in the real world. This is because the human mind will perceive these objects the same way as real-world objects are perceived.

Many people also refer to Mixed Reality as dreaming with the eyes open. After all, the experience is somewhat similar to dreaming as the graphical possibilities that can be achieved with Mixed Reality are endless.

Mixed Reality gets its name from the fact that it is not a virtual reality. So instead of a fully virtual surrounding, the three-dimensional virtual objects in Mixed Reality are immersed within our own reality. Hence, there is a wide range of possibilities with respect to entertainment shopping, productivity, gaming, and education in this area.

Difference between augmented reality and mixed reality

Many people confuse augmented reality with mixed reality while there is a lot of difference between the two. As far as augmented reality goes, it simply makes use of digital information to superimpose images and words into the digital view of the world. One of the most popular augmented reality applications is Pokemon Go. This application was quite popular among more than 100 million users. There is no need for a headset or extra equipment in order to experience augmented reality, unlike virtual reality. In this case, all you need is a smartphone.

Essentially, the prime difference between augmented reality and mixed reality is that augmented reality is digital. This suggests that augment reality exists only on the screen, superimposing images on the digital view of the world. In comparison, mixed reality superimposes images in the real field of view of a user via special goggles. Moreover, mixed reality seems to have bigger and wider implications as compared to augmented reality. The name mixed reality itself suggests that it is fully immersed in our very own reality, allowing great educational and entertainment applications.

Indeed, mixed reality could be the future of smartphones, ruling them out completely in the near future.


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