DevOps practices combine software development and IT operations resulting in shorter development cycles and continuous releases while maintaining high quality. Through our DevOps consulting, implementation and management services, Focaloid helps software teams adopt DevOps to gain IT agility without compromising reliability or security. By leveraging continuous integration and delivery, businesses can release software faster and more reliably.

Accelerate time to market with comprehensive DevOps solutions

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We work with all leading devops platforms and tools

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Leverage our deep expertise in Cloud & DevOps to accelerate your cloud journey

Why DevOps ?

Leverage our DevOps expertise to manage your production workloads efficiently.

Faster release cycles

Leverage our mature DevOps practices to achieve faster release cycles enabling your products to reach the market faster.

Ease of operation

Our DevOps services achieve faster resolution of problems, giving you more time to innovate and focus on high impact feature development.

Improved collaboration

DevOps promotes better communication and synergy between development and operations teams resulting in improved working relationships.

Improved security & stability

You can continuously monitor processes and make your infrastructure safer and more reliable through centralised monitoring, logging, and alerting capabilities.

Optimise spending

Setting up DevOps makes your systems more secure, scalable and reliable, thereby saving costs on maintenance, upgrades and unnecessary capital expenditures.

Resiliency & Reduced risk of failures

Our DevOps practice promotes infrastructure as a part of the application resulting in more stable and robust releases.

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leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

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