We conduct technology audits to map your technology stack and evaluate your architecture and implementation. We recommend changes based on the outcome of our assessment.
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Architecture Design & Technology Stack Recommendation

After understanding your digital strategy, we help you design your architecture and recommend a technology stack best suited to support your digital initiatives. We focus on meeting your business objectives while providing modularity and scalability.


Technology Audits – Performance, Scalability, Security

We provide specific audit services targeted at improving performance, scalability and security. Our team of specialists will study your implementation and provide recommendations to address any faults. Apart from analysing different tiers of architecture & infrastructure, we also implement DevOps tools to improve your development efficiency.


Microservices & API Strategy & Implementation

We help organisations modernise their legacy systems through decoupling and promoting an API driven approach. It reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure, improves data flow between systems and allows you to derive insights & intelligence from data. Learn more about Microservices & APIs.


Cloud Deployment Architecture

Our cloud architects help you to define the deployment architecture, deployment modes and the tools and techniques to be used including autoscaling , resilience, load balancing, downtime, cloud monitoring etc.

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