Enterprises & Startups are shifting large monolithic applications to distributed components focused on specific tasks and assembled as a portfolio of APIs. This is helping them achieve greater fault tolerance, faster time to market and scale with ease. At Focaloid, we have supported numerous organisations transition their existing large monolithic applications to microservices architecture. Our experts have extensive experience in consulting, designing & implementing microservices architecture. In addition, we leverage agile and DevOps practices to help businesses benefit from microservices architecture while avoiding pitfalls.

Build high performance app with Microservices & API's .

Our Expertise


Evaluate your IT systems and develop a strategic roadmap for microservice adoption in your business.


Seamlessly migrate your monolithic applications to microservices architecture through agile development practices

Microservice Design
& Implementation

We analyse your business to design an effective microservice architecture and implement an API led integration strategy to build and manage microservices effectively.


Deploying a microservice application can be challenging. We will recommend suitable deployment patterns and help you deploy your microservice applications.


We provide maintenance and support services to monitor and continuously improve the quality of your microservices actively.


We provide end-to-end testing services to verify your workflows, services & integrations and ensure that your business applications run error-free.

Tools & Technologies

We use the best tools available to build robust microservice architecture

Why choose microservices architecture?

Flexibility in choosing technologies

When developing new services or rewriting existing services, we can choose a new or different technology stack.

Smaller, Agile Development Teams

Software teams can organize around services, with each team owning services end-to-end.

Continuous Delivery & Business Agility

Each team working on different components can build, test, & deploy services independently, resulting in business agility.

Improved Fault Isolation

An error in one service does not impact the functioning of other services.

Easier Debugging and Maintenance

Each microservice is relatively small compared to the entire application, making it easier to maintain & modify.

Efficient Scaling & Resource Utilization

Services that have higher traffic can be scaled independently instead of scaling the entire application.

Case Studies

Our Clients

We work with top startups, leading brands and enterprise
leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

Awards & Recognition

We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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