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19/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


“3 Million Free WiFis” is the highlight of the WiFi Mapper app now available in Google Play store. This means less data and no roaming charges while travelling across cities and countries. OpenSignal recently added to the Google Play store the android version of its WiFi Mapper app, following the great success of the iOS version of the app with 155,000 downloads in the two months since it went up on the App Store.

WiFi Mapper is communicated across to android users as “The world’s largest free Wi-Fi database, based on over 650 million hotspots” by OpenSignal. This crowdsourced WiFi database engined app maintain an extended database about WiFi hotspot locations, whether the hotspot is public, private and free/paid and also measure the quality of the wifi against metrics such as speed, latency and other performance indicators.

WiFi Mapper extends its service across all major cities and New Delhi in India is amongst its Top 25 cities. Users can easily map the best free hotspots nearby on a map and click the details page in order to gather all relevant information about the hotspot, its location and comments from the community. The user can then accordingly proceed towards using a hotspot of his/her choice by simply signing in using Google plus.

Currently the app includes the following relevant features:

  • Find Hotspots near your current location/area easily
  • Map more free wifi points and help enhance crowdsourcing


  • Easily gather all relevant information about the hotspot venue before signing in to use it.
  • Share your reviews/comments about the hotspot with the community

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Is it all you expect from such an app at this era? No, right?

OpenSignal too understand this version to be very basic and so with 3000 beta testers is continuously working on improving the app. You can be a valuable contributor too by installing WiFi Mapper and sharing free wifi hotspots known to you and providing your reviews on various existing hotspot venues.

However working forward with the received suggestions and recommendations, OpenSignal is poised to offer its users the following additional features in the coming future:

  • Password Sharing : a secured way to share hotspot passwords and get access to password-protected hotspots without having to manually type-in the password.
  • Email Login : soon users will be able to login using their Email besides the already available Google plus login.
  • Full Offline maps for cities
  • Leaderboards : enable users to display the total number of hotspot points they have personally discovered and contributed to enhancing the app.

How much of “FREE” is actually “FREE”?

The term free most of the time is viewed with an eye of suspicion than an eye of trust and enthusiasm. Doubts, fears and anxiety lurk around this commonly used marketing term. So how much free is actually free in the current context of WiFi Mapper app. Well, the app seems very promising and a potential saver of our ever increasing 3G/4G data packs and roaming charges. However, the few points of concern of this app include the need to share your GPS coordinates all the time to unknown parties and also there is no mechanism to analyse the credibility of the person and the purpose for which this free service will be used. In this era of rising cyber crime, it is inevitable to think that such a free service will not be misused. It is true that positives and negatives follow every solution but positiveness towards a solution should never be highlighted by being blind to its negative side effects.

Also according to the current plan the Login is either using an individual’s Google plus account/Email (yet to come), which mean access to that individual’s account details too. This seem little mysterious and guess the company should think of using separate registration and exclusive app based account login.

“Does the Trick. It does what it is meant to do”

The above is the review of one of the early adopters of this app. This android version of the app is not even a month old and already have One Thousand users till date. Moreover majority of the users have given a five star rating too.


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