Why is Salesforce inevitable for your business?

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


As far as the CRM industry is concerned, there is a wide range of CRM options that are available out there. Many of these offer a number of basic functionalities that are geared towards good management of customers of a business in order to enhance the relationship between the two. However, despite all the wide range of options, you may just end up with Salesforce for the management of your customer relations.

After all, there is a reason why Salesforce is so popular in the CRM industry despite the fact that other options out there may charge half as less as Salesforce. The truth is that as your business grows, the use of Salesforce will simply be inevitable. There are a number of reasons for this that include the following:

Great ease of usage

One of the biggest reason why organizations shift to Salesforce is because of the great ease of use that this platform offers. offers better visibility to sales representatives with respect to the visibility of the opportunities, tasks, accounts, and contacts all via a single dashboard. Since sales representatives are able to get a 360 degrees view of every single customer, they are able to close the deals at a faster rate.

Customization options

Apart from the great ease of usage, Salesforce also offers a range of customization options. This is yet another factor that sets it apart from its competitors. Moreover, customization ends up being as one of the biggest requirements for a business as it grows. So this is yet another reason why you may just end up with Salesforce ultimately. It offers the use of objects, custom fields, third-party extensions, and the possibility to integrate everything into an application. As a result of this, developers are able to create complete solutions.

High level of scalability

Opting for a CRM simply is not about making a decision for the present. Rather, businesses must make sure that whatever solution they are choosing should be scalable enough to encompass every requirement of the business 5 years from now. As businesses grow further, they often do not find scalability options in other CRMs. Hence, most of them end up sticking with Salesforce due to the great level of scalability that it offers.

PaaS model based on Cloud

The first ever cloud-based CRM was launched by Salesforce, which also managed to lead the PaaS (platform as a service market) in order to provide highly complex business models based on real-life factors. Since there are no capital expenses included in its setup, the businesses are charged in user licenses.

High level of functionality

By default, there is a wide range of functionalities and features that Salesforce offers. All of these functionalities and features combined are enough to entertain each and every requirement of any organization whether big or small. Moreover, the depth of the functionalities is also unmatched. It allows the administrator to make alterations based on a point and click method through the builder for the configuration of solutions based on the business needs.


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