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Why Hire PHP Developers in 2022?


Why Hire PHP Developers in 2022?

You may have heard of PHP as it is a popular programming platform and technology. Today many websites are powered by PHP, especially CMS (Content Management System) sites. We take a look at what PHP is and why you should use this as your preferred platform to develop products and/or services.

Introduction to PHP

PHP is also referred to as Hypertext Preprocessor. Did you know that this programming platform has been existing for more than two decades now? Initially, it was used as a server-side scripting language. But now it is used in many other areas of software development. Presently it is one of the most preferred platforms for web development. Current versions of PHP include support for object-oriented programming. To your knowledge, Facebook and WordPress are two leading platforms powered by PHP. WordPress is the most popular content management system presently and is tipped for future growth. 

The technology also includes powerful and productive libraries and frameworks. Some of the popular and state-of-the-art frameworks are Yii, Laravel, and Symfony. The technology is an integral part of the popular and powerful LAMP stack. Apache HTTP is the web server. Linux is the operating system. MySQL is the Database. All the technologies come at zero cost. Using this bundle of platforms software development happens faster associated with considerably lower budgets.

Pros of Using PHP

  • Robust Security

PHP provides multiple levels of security designed to protect applications against malicious attacks. Security is particularly important and necessary for E-commerce sites developed employing PHP technology. 

  • Stability

This platform has been around for quite a long time. Developers and testers have worked to get rid of most flaws and bugs. So, the applications developed using PHP are unlikely to hang or crash.

  • Simple and Easy to Test

Testing is paramount to ensure the quality and stellar performance of any software. PHP is designed such that applications using the technology are convenient to test. Also, the whole process of testing takes relatively less time compared to other software development platforms.

  • Platform Independence

Software using PHP can run on almost all web browsers and operating systems. As such PHP code and programs can be reused across multiple state-of-the-art platforms. This saves time, money, and effort in creating and testing platform-compatible code.

  • Fast to Load

Applications leveraging PHP technology load faster compared to software developed using other programming platforms. It is a fact that most users like fast-loading applications be it on the web or any mobile platform. As such PHP powered sites enjoy greater popularity and customer loyalty. Search engines assign higher rankings to websites that load faster. So, if you desire to have higher search engine rankings for your respective website use PHP to develop it.

  • Connects Seamlessly to Most Databases

PHP offers functionality to quickly and efficiently connect to most available databases be they relational or non-relational. Did you know that PHP offers seamless integration to multiple databases at the same time? This is a very useful and significant feature of the technology. Developers can choose from a wide variety of databases for their specific and unique needs.

  • Has the Support of a Large Community

There are many PHP professionals as the platform has been existing for a long time. Today the technology is backed by a large community of PHP users. So, if you need help, support, or information regarding PHP that need is met by approaching the PHP community. The platform’s features are well documented.

  • Ease of Maintenance

For your information, PHP code is well organized as well as logical. Hence it is easy to identify bugs and fix them. This makes the process of maintenance simple and easy.

  • High Speed

Software developed using PHP loads fast even in the scenario of a slow Internet connection. PHP is superior to contemporary technologies in this aspect. This property reduces user abandonment and switching to competitor sites. 

  • Easy to Learn and Master

PHP is both simple and easy to learn and become proficient in. This is true, especially for software professionals who have a background in Java or C/C++. As such software projects take less time to begin and the total development time is also significantly less. As such the technology is perfect for products/services having tight deadlines. The user-friendly and comprehensive PHP documentation available makes learning and mastering PHP a breeze.

  • Saves Money

The technology is open source. So, it is free to use. Also, PHP developers demand lesser rates compared to developers in other programming domains. As a result, the overall software development takes less money to complete. You can offer high-quality software at optimum prices to customers.  Hence there will be more purchasers translating to higher company revenue as well as profits.

  • Capability to Efficiently Combine with Other Software Platforms

PHP can easily combine with alternative programming languages such as ‘C’ programming language and many more. As a result, deliverables built using PHP offer more features, functionalities, and other capabilities. A useful feature of PHP is that it is extremely flexible which makes the job of programmers easy. Did you know that PHP works well in tandem with HTML? Both technologies can be combined easily to create powerful and user-friendly software as well as websites.

  • Easy Availability of Developers

Technology is proven, popular and prevalent everywhere in the world. Organizations are unlikely to face difficulties and delays in recruiting PHP developers with varying levels of expertise and experience.

  • Perfect for Remote Workers

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the workplace significantly. Now, many employees want the freedom to work from their homes and at their convenient time. PHP enables efficient remote work as well as collaboration between staff located in different places.

  • Cloud Friendly Technology

PHP-powered software is supported by multiple cloud services including AWS. Applications built using this platform work well on the cloud. The PHP deliverables are extremely scalable. In the future depending on the market demand PHP applications can easily be scaled up or down. 

Tips to Hire PHP Developers

There are a lot of factors to consider to hire PHP developers. First, you should be clear about your technical and functional requirements. What version of PHP should the developer have knowledge of? What is your total budget for the project? How much are you ready to pay the individuals or team of PHP professionals? Have a list of technical and domain questions ready to hire PHP developers. Along with your team create a step-by-step process to hire PHP developers. A handy tip is to have multiple hard and soft companies for this important document. This way you are unlikely to misplace it.

Which country do you want to hire PHP developers from? By the way, India is a great choice. This is because many Indians speak fluent English and Indian software professionals are as good as the best. Also, they are available at quite reasonable rates be it for the short-term or long-term. What is the deadline to hire PHP developers? If you are short of time then you can approach professional outsourcing firms. They shoulder the entire responsibility of the project while saving you time, money, and effort.

You have the choice of outsourcing the entire PHP project. If the task is small, you can approach freelancers or examine if you have the necessary in-house expertise and experience in PHP technology. If the latter is the case, then you don’t need to hire PHP developers from outside.

However, in many cases organizations lack in-house talent. In that scenario, it makes sense to hire PHP developers from your country or from other regions. It also boils down to your specific and unique requirements. You have the option to hire PHP developers for a fixed period of time at a fixed budget if your project scope and requirements are clear and fixed at the onset.

Make sure you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the organization from which you wish to hire PHP developers. In the event of project discontinuation or abandonment, this will protect your IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), important data, and business secrets. Signing an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is recommended when you hire PHP developers from another organization. It will assure you of project transparency and reasonable response time. 

Excellent communication skills and past experience with similar projects must be on the list in the company process to hire PHP developers. Lastly, check out candidate attitudes and speak to past employers at length to hire PHP developers best suited to your needs and expectations. Never compromise on the quality aspect to hire PHP developers. Take the time you need and be aware of your budgetary limitations while scouting for talented as well as experienced PHP professionals.

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