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Why Hire Dedicated Developers in 2022?


Why Hire Dedicated Developers in 2022?


Today is the era of outsourcing software development. You save costs and delegate responsibilities of your software project to external entities. There is the option to outsource software work to freelancers or companies specialized in outsourcing software development. There are different types of outsourcing models with each having its respective pros and cons.



  • When to Choose Freelancers

If your project size is small or you are on a shoestring budget it is advisable to choose freelancers. There are many websites where freelancers are registered with their respective details. The details include hourly rates, details of past projects, qualifications, certifications, contact details as well as references.

  • When to Augment Your In-House Team

If you have a large project or several projects then it is not advisable to go the freelance route. Established companies have the human resources, software and hardware to complete your project within budget constraints and target deadlines. While outsourcing you can get some individuals on your premises from the outsourcing company. They may be charged hourly or on project size. This option works if you already have some of the in-house resources to successfully complete your desired software project.

  • Nearshoring Model

In this model the outsourcing company is located near your company. Examples are neighboring countries. Mexico and Canada fit this model if yours is a US based organization. There is better communication because your time zones don’t differ significantly. Also, you can fly down or take a short trip to have face to face meetings. There are less cultural differences. Also, the other company is more likely to be able to communicate in your country’s native language. Pros include lower costs while not compromising on quality.

  • Offshoring Model

In this outsourcing model the outsourcing company is located far from your country. For example, outsourcing software projects from US based companies to India based outsourcing providers. Expenses are far lower compared to the nearshoring model. That is because countries such as India have lower incomes. But they deliver quality at very affordable prices. Communication is via software such as Zoom, Skype and others. Cons include different time zones.

One solution is to hire dedicated developers for a single or multiple projects. Have a look at the pros to hire dedicated developers.



Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers



  • Simple and Convenient to Expand or Reduce the Team Size of Dedicated Developers

Your software project may not have a fixed size. You may want to eliminate certain features in order to cut costs. Or you may want to add more features. In such a scenario intimate the dedicated team’s Project Manager to decrease the number of coders or add new software engineers. This facility is likely to be offered by most software development outsourcing companies. In case of fresh hires, the responsibility to update them about the work done so far is borne by the managers and other team members of the dedicated team.

If you are working with freelancers, it is difficult to scale up or down the number of software developers. Hiring fresh freelancers involves a hiring process. This takes time and may delay your project completion. Terminating freelancers may result in problems. The relationship with the freelancers may get affected. As a result, they may not share important details of the work they did for you. Also, they may divulge confidential information of your project to competitors. Hire dedicated developers for superior scalability.

  • Required Hardware and Software Resources are in Place

Companies offering dedicated developers usually have the financial capacity to acquire the hardware and software to complete the software project successfully. As they buy licensed resources, they get regular updates and uninterrupted functioning as well as performance. Freelancers may be using pirated software. Then they won’t get access to after sales service from the proprietary firm. In the midst of the project if there is a requirement for additional hardware and/or software freelancers are unlikely to have the capacity to acquire them. This is where established organizations are able to offer superior service. Quality software deliverables need quality hardware and software. This gives a company a competitive advantage in the market. Also, organizations are familiar with the state-of-the-art hardware and software as they possess skilled and experienced professionals. Compared to full-fledged companies freelancers have limited awareness and knowledge. You cannot afford to take the risk of going with freelancers as this step may compromise the quality of the deliverables. Hire dedicated developers to mitigate risk.

  • You Get Your Money’s Worth

Freelancers may be cheaper but they come with higher risks. You may have to spend more to hire dedicated developers but you are assured of meeting stipulated deadlines and budget estimates. Freelancers may abandon your project for a plethora of reasons such as being sick, getting a more lucrative offer and others. Companies with dedicated developers can replace sick individuals or developers who leave the company with competent professionals as they have a large pool of talented and skilled coders.

  • Be Assured of Top-end Quality of the Software Deliverables

Freelancers usually don’t have mature processes to test for software bugs and performance. Dedicated teams have in-house QA professionals. Software has to be tested to see if it meets desired functionality. The different software components should work individually and as a combined unit. The software should work even when many users are using the software simultaneously. Dedicated teams have processes for checking the quality of software deliverables which have been tried and tested. The result is that you get bug free and high performing software deliverables.

Automated testing is definitely superior to manual testing. But quality automated testing tools come at a price. Companies from which you hire dedicated developers are better able to afford the latest and best software quality testing tools. Also, individuals have to be well trained to use these tools optimally. On the other hand, freelancers will find it difficult to procure these tools and may have to spend a lot of time learning how to use these tools.

  • Superior Support Post Completion of Software Project

Even after the software deliverables are supplied that is not the end of the software project. You may want to revise documentation, add or modify software features, take care of bugs or performance and other tasks. Freelancers may move on to other projects. They may not offer the level of commitment that dedicated teams have. Freelancers may also not have competency in the software maintenance domain. Bugs and low performance can adversely affect your reputation and sales of your products and/or services. Companies from which you hire dedicated developers take stellar care of the software maintenance aspect.

  • Assured Confidentiality of Business Secrets

You wouldn’t want your business idea in the public domain. This will lead to competitors copying or using the concept or features in their software products and/or services. Partnering with a company supplying a dedicated team of developers usually involves signing an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement). In the event of the project being abandoned or assigned to another entity they cannot use or disclose confidential business information of your project.  It is a safe decision to hire dedicated developers.

  • Superior Commitment

Freelancers may be working on multiple projects simultaneously. This affects their speed of response and productivity. A dedicated team usually comes with a project manager. Also, the team members are solely working on your project. So, the time to market is reduced. You can focus on your core business domain. The project manager of the dedicated team will keep you regularly updated about the developments. Also, you don’t have the responsibility to micro manage the project when you hire dedicated developers. 

  • Better Performance

When you hire dedicated developers, you get hardcore professionals. They have expertise both in the technology and business domain aspects. The team members can anticipate challenges and bottlenecks better. As a result, you get better performing software deliverables that are efficient, effective, have consistent performance as well are totally free of bugs.



How to Hire Dedicated Developers



There are many companies from which you can hire dedicated developers. Search for your technical requirements online. The best matches usually come on the top of search engine rankings. You can ask for references too. Company staff or colleagues can provide referrals. Take time in going through the websites of companies from which to hire dedicated developers. Study their portfolio in detail. Ask for the opinions of fellow team members before shortlisting potential companies. Prepare a list of questions to ask. Conduct a background check of the company and the dedicated team members. Be clear about your budget, deadlines as well as the desired software, hardware and human resources. Don’t forget to prepare SLA (Service Level Agreement) and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place when you finally hire dedicated developers.



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