Why Emojis are taking over the world

19/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


If you go back about 30 years and ask someone if they’re familiar with the word ‘emoji,’ the chances are that they’ll scoff at your question and pass on. However, if you repeat the exact social experiment in this day and age, there’s a very high probability that virtually everyone will say that they’re familiar with the concepts.

Emojis are ideograms and symbols that are frequently used in electronic devices to convey or represent an idea, feeling or an emotion. Popularized by chat-boxes back in the early 2000s, emojis have now found a way into the mantle of daily life and are used worldwide for their versatility and feasibility.

Why use emojis?

The first reason why people claim they use emojis is due to their simplicity and the relative ease with which they have the potential to transfer ideas and thoughts. To put things in perspective, a recent study dictated that people find it easier to convey ideas or talk to people online rather than in person. Using emojis greatly makes that easier since it makes the message or emotion more concise and depicts it in the form of a face that represents that emotion. It’s easier to make and send a ‘sad face’ rather than explicitly state that you’re sad. This unique method of saving time is one of the reasons why emojis are so prevalent these days.

An international language

Linguist and people who study trends often speculate if social media platforms and viral content are changing the way,  we see the world. As apparent as it may seem, there is, however, a hidden tool in these – Emojis! Due to their wide use and simplicity, social scientists have deemed emojis the basis of an ‘international language.’ This arises from the fact that emojis are generally consistent worldwide and are understood by all and frequently used. In cross-cultural communication, emojis are consistent in all social media platforms. Hence, brands that want to expand overseas integrate emojis into their marketing schemes because emojis are so well understood!

Best way to target millennials

It’s safe to say that a great number of users on social platforms are millennials – people who grew alongside the internet. Famous brands and companies are switching their main marketing strategies to target this untapped market. To engage with them, companies are integrating emojis into their marketing techniques to get the millennials ‘on-board’. Since this particular language is international, it is understood easily by everyone on the online social platform.

How long will emojis last?

Like all things that live on the internet, there comes a time when they go out of fashion. However, this might not be the case with emojis. Ever since their inception, emojis have served as a gateway for clearer and concise expression of digital speech, it has given identity to an online persona and reduces the subsequent complexity. Hence, it can be concluded that emojis will stick around for a long time.


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