Why do I need a website?

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


“WHY” is a vital question you need to answer before you start, proceed and continue with any action including the plan to design and develop a professional website for your business. When it comes to Website development there is a misconception that only big MNCs having a huge turnover annually need to have it. But the fact is that if you call yourself an entrepreneur and own a business of any size (i.e. Small, Medium or Big), then you mandatorily have to create an online address and offline registered address simultaneously. Never dismiss the online potential of your business and product / service by thinking that it cannot be sold online.

Recently I read in a newspaper article about a rural startup venture launched by two youngsters in Shiralakaoppa hobli (cluster of villages), Karanataka, India. The startup works as an intermediary between e-commerce companies and the rural customers and currently has bookings worth around Rs. 15 lakh per week covering items such as home appliances, mobile phones, automobile spare parts, etc.. Hope now you understand the potential of the online market that you so easily sideline out of your ignorance. Internet is reaching fast to one and all around the world, make sure you reach the world too before your competitor. More than 60 million shoppers are now online, purchasing anything and everything from organic foods to clothes to cars to small pendrives. So do not make the mistake of not showing up your business online because if you can create sales offline, you definitely have more customers seeking you online.Period.

In this Digital era only your reasons is powerful and not your excuses. So irrespective of the industry your business belong to, your competitors and your internal organization, it is important you identify your exclusive list of reasons as to WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE? Only your reasons will create and power your website design and development. However, in general the following reasons remain constant besides the ones in-line with your organizational goals: 6 CONSTANTS TO WHY ANY BUSINESS SHOULD HAVE A WEBSITE

  • GLOBAL REACH : fact is websites are not just local, they are Global and your excuses won’t change this fact. Open your eyes to the reality that potential customers are all around the globe, not just in your local area. If you offer a high quality product / service, definitely there exists a highly enthusiastic global market for it and all you need to do is make www. and .com the prefix and suffix respectively of your company name. It is rather impossible and expense for you to create a physical branch in every country to promote your business, but it is rather simple and easy for you to create one single virtual branch and effectively attract customers from all countries. Also by developing an elegant website covering all information about your business, its vision & mission, portfolio, etc., you can carry out your business without worrying about expansion and feeling sad about not being visible in any one particular country.
  • EASY, EFFICIENT & COST-EFFECTIVE TARGET MARKETING : Why you exist? What you do? How different are you from your competitors? – all this and more is to be effectively communicated, if you plan to survive and succeed in the dynamic business environment. Traditional marketing activities, if you can recall, was expensive, effective to create awareness alone, followed a standard methodology of one size fits all (less/no creativity) and above all suited well the old era. By developing a website you’re creating a permanent yet modifiable platform to easily and efficiently communicate all informations about your business, your processes, your pricing, your recognitions, etc., to the target customers in a very cost-effective manner. Moreover, besides creating awareness, a well planned website and strategically set up Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., play a major role in creating a strong connection with the seekers and thereby move online seekers into quality leads and quality leads into loyal customers and online brand ambassadors of your company.
  • CUSTOMIZATION IS THE NEW STANDARDIZATION : Imagine yourself as the owner of a stationery shop with one staff to help you. During the peak times, the common scene is multiple hands pointing towards extreme directions and persons with different slang enquiring about completely different items. Finally, you reach a point when you get tired and have to cater to a customer at the cost of another. To avoid such a scenario, rather common in a physical store, you should have a website. It is very rare that two different persons visiting your store purchase the same item because tastes & preferences differ from person to person and in a physical store if satisfying every customer is hard, then how much more difficult will it be to handle the mass from around the globe. Humanly, it is extremely difficult but by setting up a website you can include content, images and your complete portfolio, to be sure that everyone who clicks on it will have something to take away from it.
  • PASSIVE INCOME OPPORTUNITIES : Offline you earn only when you actively market your business and create sales. However, websites provide you opportunities to earn even when you’re not active. In short, your company website is your virtual store that never sleeps and functions 24×7 throughout 365 days. Even without your initiative and guidance customers click on your website, check every tab, read more on the product/service they desire to purchase and click the buy/get quote icon. Thus, the sale is done even without your or your team’s personal involvement.
  • CARRY OUT DATA DRIVEN BUSINESS : Tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster, etc., help you track and document relevant first hand information on performance of your website, its content, clicks and conversion rates. The data extracted is very useful to understand your target audience, keywords related to your business and the general customer behaviour. Thus, you can redesign your marketing and operations strategy and carry out business in a more customer friendly manner. Prior to websites, data gathered was vague since it was based on conclusions made through observation and occasional surveys.
  • POPULAR FORM OF ACCESSING ANY BUSINESS : this is the age of screenagers and smartphones, so creating a website accessible via a link is inevitable. Customers need not walk into your store to hit a sale, they should be allowed to click in and make your brand their own. Moreover, a loyal online customer can help you create hundred plus customers by sharing about you to their social network and sharing your company link via social media. If you can create such a link-based accessibility for your business, you’re sure to attract and serve more and better customers/clients.

Besides the above 6 reasons, few other notable reasons include creation of instant credibility, enhanced business value, improved customer confidence, enhanced corporate image, etc. To realize what you missed and to gain more out of the future and the upcoming new year – develop your new and exclusive website today itself !


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