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Why Choose Java Mobile Development in 2022


Why Choose Java Mobile Development in 2022


Today is the age of mobile apps and solutions. Most people possess smartphones and most business is conducted via mobiles. Developers have many options in terms of programming platforms to produce high quality mobile apps and products. Most of us have heard of Java. Though it is one of the oldest development platforms, it is perfect for contemporary mobile development. We explore why it is the right fit for companies seeking to develop stellar mobile apps as well as other mobile software products.


Introduction to Java


Java is an object-oriented, high level and platform independent programming language released way back in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. It was later acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2009. Are you aware that Java runs on over 3 billion computers today?


The popular platform is both fast and reliable. Additionally, Java offers support for multithreading and automatic memory management. Did you know that it was specifically designed for the distributed environment of the Internet?.


Advantages of Using Java for Mobile Development


  • Proven Technology

Java has been around for decades. As such the technology is pretty much tried and tested. When you use Java, you can be sure of good results without errors and/or issues.

  • Large Pool of Java Programmers

There is no shortage of quality Java programmers. It has a long history of being used for mobile development. As the talent pool is vast you do not have to waste time, money and effort in training coders in the Java programming language.

  • Platform Independent

Programmers do not have to create different code for different platforms. The same code can be used for different platforms. Java is also dubbed as the ‘Write Once Run Anywhere” programming platform. 

  • Highly Secure

Security of mobile solutions is paramount. Java is proven to be highly secure to cyber threats and malware. Experts are continuously working to ensure that the programming platform remains secure in the future as well.

  • High ROI (Return on Investment)

As per statistics using the Java platform for mobile development yields high returns for the investment made. You can safely rely on Java to obtain high quality, high performance mobile solutions which yield significant revenues as well as profits.

  • Free Technology

One of the main reasons for having Java Mobile Development is that the technology is completely free. Companies don’t have to spend their hard-earned money purchasing expensive licences or subscriptions.

  • Large and Helpful Community

As Java has been around for a long time as well as widely adopted today there exists a massive Java community. Also, there are many online resources to learn Java and debug code. The solutions to most of any coder’s issues may already be present on the Internet.

  • Easy to Learn, Debug and Program

Java is a high-level language. As such its syntax is similar to the English language. This property makes it easier to learn the language. Also, it is simple to write code and debug programs.

  • Follows the Principles of Object-Oriented Programming

The Java language is preferred by many developers as it mirrors the real world. Coders can produce reusable code and build modular projects. The code produced is adaptable, extensible as well as scalable. Programmers can safely use Java for both large and small projects.

  • Contains Powerful Development Tools

The tools include Eclipse, NetBeans and several others. They help create efficient, fast executing and high performing code. Debugging is better, making the job of programmers easier. Coders can produce superior quality code in less time and without hassles.

  • Java is Open-source

The platform has access to a large collection of open-source libraries. Programmers can reuse code making the time taken to development less. Also, the code is already tested so it is free of errors and provides high performance to users.


How to Choose a Suitable Java Mobile Development Company?


Now that you are well-informed on the benefits of Java Mobile Development you should begin searching for a quality and reliable Java mobile development provider. A useful tip is not to keep questions you want to ask in your head. Brainstorm with other members of your team to come up with a list of important and relevant questions. Cross out irrelevant questions and arrange the remaining questions in priority order. Discuss the questions with in-house Java specialists. Check whether you want to outsource the whole project or parts where your firm doesn’t have the necessary expertise and experience.



  • How long has the Company been in the Field of Java Mobile Development?

A company may be  using Java for a long time. But they may have no experience in Java Mobile Development. Even if they have sizable experience in Java mobile development, they may be new to the domain. It’s better to choose an outsourcing firm that has both domain and technology expertise.

  • Can You Afford the Price Asked?

You should be clear about your requirements, deadlines and price you are ready to pay. At the same time don’t compromise on quality. Don’t go for the cheapest offer as you may lose money and reputation in the long run. Check whether the Java mobile development firm is ready to negotiate without sacrificing essential features of the deliverable.

  • Do they keep you updated and are transparent?

Many entities claim to be transparent and have timely communication. Don’t take their word for it. Ask for contact details of past clients for which the Java mobile development company has done similar work to yours. Check the Internet, online reviews, online client testimonials, professional networking sites (such as LinkedIn) and social networking sites (such as Facebook) about the concerned entity. Verify whether they keep clients regularly updated about what is happening in the project. Also check if their deliverables fully meet and satisfy what the client(s) have in mind.




Java Mobile Development is a trend highly popular today and likely to stay in the future. Companies of varying sizes and financial standing can opt for Java Mobile Development.  Benefits include increased profits, enhanced reputation, high performing deliverables and meeting stipulated deadlines. Start your search for Java mobile development providers at the earliest.


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