What employers are looking for in an Android Developer?

25/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Becoming an Android developer is the best thing that can happen to you in this era. Widely used smartphones and apps are android ones. The demand for Android is just growing day-by-day. From games to music to lifestyle, every category has an android app and most of the apps in Google play store is checked out by many at least once.

Certain apps I even use and wonder, wow! how on earth could this be made so wonderfully? If you have also wondered the same and it is the technology behind android apps that has fascinated you to choose a career in it. Then, it is very important you know the certain general requirements every employer seek in their prospective android developer.

The general requirements employers looking for in an Android Developer is broadly divided into Technical Skills and Non-Technical Skills :

Technical Skills

  • Java : Java is the computer-programming language core for Android Development. Employers don’t expect you to be experts in java, with detailed knowledge in all latest version and all. However, you should have an above average knowledge of the basic syntax and programming structures. Clear knowledge about basic concepts like variables, lists, loops, control structures and object-oriented concepts like class vs. static methods and inheritance is a must. Any additional practical knowledge gained by experience or interaction with experienced android developers is always a bonus.
  • Android SDK : SDK is the abbreviation for Software Development Kit and indicate a set of pre-packaged code that help developers to develop applications for Android platform. The Android SDKs consists of modules of java codes and provide developers admission to use device functions like the camera and the accelerometer. The basic Android concepts you should be familiar with include:

Working with APIs : API or Application Program Interface includes a set of protocols and tools for developing software applications. No two APIs are exactly alike and employers expect you to know to work with your own API or any third party API. Most third party APIs would be JSON/REST APIs and it is good you learn it and you can learn XML/SOAP, if need arise.

  • XML : Mastering the basics of XML is a required skill for Android Developers. Extensible Markup Language which is abbreviated and used as XML is the markup language that enables encoding of data in a format easily understandable both by humans and machines. It is basically a structured language that shares a lot of similarities with HTML. XML allows transfer of information between devices in a manner that is consistently understandable. Android developers use XML to create layouts that become the core UI definition for Android Applications. So it is recommended you understand the basics of XML to excel in your interviews and recruitment rounds.
  • Git : is widely used in software development as source-code management system. Knowledge and skill in Git is not a compulsory requirement, but skill in it is definitely an added advantage. Employers interviewing you do not expect you to have advanced knowledge on such sort of version control systems. However basic understanding of creating and using a repository and submitting and pushing changes, will give you an upper hand for the post over other prospects.
  • Back-end skills : this is not a compulsory requisite to clear your interviews and get your dream job of an Android developer. However, most employees enquire if you know any basic back-end technologies like .NET,Rails, Django, etc., and if you have basic understanding of these technologies, it is a booster for you and your career.

Non-Technical Skills

  • Passion : employers look for “passionate and self-motivated” employees and that applies to the case of Android developers as well. So you have to convince your employers that you’re passionate about Android development and highly appreciate what the employer and his team is doing. Always study well about your employer company and be prepared to ask them few questions. In cases, you do not know any particular question asked, be humble to admit you do not know and show an attitude of willingness to learn about it.
  • Verbal & Writing skills : Software development is a team effort and verbal and writing skill is inevitable. Communication, especially clear and proper communication is a must when you work as a team. To start, progress, coordinate and successfully execute a project you should have proper communication skill. Also trying to enter a sector that is rapidly growing globally, it is important you know to communicate via written text as well. Being a developer, you will be the key personnel in an Android software development project and is expected to make written reports like technical documentation, summary reports for non-technical co-workers, content within the app, regular chats, etc.
  • Team Player : being a constructive and active team player is the key skill you must have. You have passion, good communication skill and even above average technical skill, but if you fail to become an effective team player or fail to adjust working with a team, it is a big disadvantage for you. So make sure you understand clearly your personal strengths and also the strength of your team and progress in work with great synergy.


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