What does the ‘holographic’ Christmas Elf in the Mall of America do?

22/05/2024 20mins
Ajish Prakash


How would you like to have Santa’s elf to come and help you go through your shopping list for the holidays?

Christmas – the season to be jolly, except when you find yourself doing your last minute shopping and finding yourself lost in the middle of the crowd. But what if Santa will send you his elf to help you go through your shopping list faster and easier just because you have been nice this year?

Meet Ellie the first of its kind holographic shopping concierge to the mall. Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota has found yet another way to revolutionize the shopping experience of thousands of its mall goers. The tourists and shoppers favorite mall have partnered with VNTANA , makers of interactive hologram technologies to create Ellie designed to help shoppers at the mall find the right stores according to a variety of criteria.

Mall of America features Ellie the elf as one of the mall’s holiday attractions at their Holiday Cottage on North. Ellie can help direct shoppers where they can find the best gift based on various categories. Shoppers can use a special microphone and ask Ellie where they can find a certain item. Alternatively, the shoppers can also look for the items by browsing through pre-defined sections at the mall which include babies, kids, teens, men, and women. Under these general categories, shoppers can then narrow down their choices by choosing from more specific sections like for instance apparels, toys, technology and more.

So, how does it actually work? Ellie the elf uses advanced speech synthesis and voice recognition technologies to communicate with the mall goers. The adorable holographic elf has been preprogrammed with the full directory of all the shops that are at the mall.

Say, for instance, you are looking for the perfect gift that you can give to your loved ones, Ellie will tell you the list of the top gifts based on the mall goers’ choices. Ellie will then ask you which category of the gifts presented you would like to choose and the helpful elf is going to let you know the directions to the sections of the category you have chosen or where the shops are located.

Ellie can help thousands of shoppers save their time in navigating the mall and make their shopping experience easier and more convenient, which has been very well timed for the busy holidays.

Attracting Shoppers on the Verge of E-Commerce Rule

The advent of e-commerce has dramatically altered buyer’s shopping choices and preferences. Today, more and more consumers are choosing to do their transactions online, allowing them to enjoy a more convenient buying experience by simply browsing online at the comfort of their homes.

That said, malls are facing the challenges and pressure to keep up with the new competition these e-commerce shops are bringing. Malls need to capitalise customers within their particular catchment area and Ellie the elf is one particular gimmick that one of the biggest malls in America has conceived and developed to attract its holiday shoppers and hopefully help keep them stay on top of the game.


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