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What does a front end development company do?


So what is front end development?


Front end development is the act of using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design a website or Web Application such that its client can interact with the platform directly. 


Think of a website like a play. At the front of the stage is where the audience gets to see the play and elements from the play interact visually with the audience. This is how the front end of a website works. The backside of the stage includes all the props, the prop handlers, and those who control the lights and mix sounds for the play to run smoothly on the front end. Both the backend and the front end need to be working well in tandem for the play to garner a successful reaction from its viewers. Websites work the same way.


The objectives of front end development


Just like setting up a stage for a play, the objective of front end development is to ensure that when users open the website, they see relevant information in a manner that is easy to digest. The techniques and tools of front end development are constantly changing, so it is up to a front end development company to stay up to date with the field.


Another focus for front end development companies today is to ensure that websites are designed to fit all sorts of screens since there are a large variety of devices — with varying screen sizes and resolutions —  from which clients can access the internet today. Developers aim to ensure that their site looks proper and works smoothly across different browsers, operating systems, and devices, which requires proficiency on the developer’s side.


As an example, if you want to build a website, the front end development aspect would be creating the website’s layout. For this, you can hire a front end development company that possesses the expertise, like Focaloid. The professional developers will then determine how and where to place images, the navigation of the website, and the manner in which to present the website. In other words, much of the work of a front end development company is to ensure that both the layout and appearance of a website are easy and intuitive to navigate. 


Before delving further into the significance of front end development, let’s address some key terms you should know:


Glossary of front end developer terms



  • Frameworks: The platform a front end development company uses for developing new software accurately, efficiently, and consistently.
  • HTML (hypertext markup language): The foundational computer language needed to develop websites that enable developers to make notes in digital documents different from regular text.
  • JavaScript: The computer language through which a developer can ‘program’ the page to operate as per certain functions. 
  • CSS (cascading style sheets): The language that is used to create the style, layout, colour and other accessories of the pages that a developer has- created using HTML
  • UI (user interface): The graphical layout of an application.
  • UX (user experience): The manner in which the user interacts with the application.
  • Version control: The method through which a developer can track and control changes in their front end source code.


What front end development can look like:


Here are some of the objectives of front end development for websites and apps. While these may vary slightly based on the services provided across different front end companies, most of these are core objectives that any developer is likely to fulfil:



  • The priority is the user experience so everything is designed to optimise this. 
  • Front end development also aims to bring a client’s concept  to life, such as animation, visual direction, layout, etc . Developers do this using their three computer languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Front end development involves the production and maintenance of websites, which is typical with e-commerce platforms and their user interfaces. 
  • Developers will likely be creating web tools that can enhance a user’s interaction with a website in any browser. Think of chat boxes and pop up notifications that nudge users to sign in when visiting certain websites. 
  • Developers also aim to implement the same design aspects of websites into mobile sites. 
  • Front end development involves maintaining the software’s workflow management. 
  • Front end developers also account for the best search engine optimisation or SEO practices. 
  • Finally, front end developers consider testing the website before its usability and fixing any bugs before launch. 


To sum up


Front-end development is crucial to creating a website that prioritises user experience. With the help of Focaloid Technologies good quality front-end development, you can make your website more usable and interactive and bring your concepts to life. 




  1. How is a front end development company different from a back-end development one?

Within the context of web development, front end development involves working on the website’s user-facing portion. A front end development company will focus on client-centred technology that makes up the website such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. On the other hand, a backend development company will work on the server-side technology necessary to power the website’s functionality. Although both roles are similar, both need to work together to keep a website running smoothly. 


  1. What software do front end development companies use?

While the software themselves have so much variability across companies, you can find two categories of tools used by front end development companies: code editors and graphic design tools. Graphic design tools are meant to build a website’s prototype, test its UI, and determine the final design. Code editors are selected based on preference and used to create the website’s framework.



  1. Do I need front-end development if I’m building an app?

Absolutely. A website or an application is only half complete without high-quality front end development. Front end development will determine how usable, interactive, and even addictive a website/app is for clients. No matter your field, having a beautiful and well-designed website pays off, and front end development is necessary for that.


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