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What are the Pros and Cons of Python Software Development?


What are the Pros and Cons of Python Software Development?


In today’s world, python is one of the most popular software development environments. It is a multi-purpose programming environment that caters to app developers and assists in data science and machine learning projects. It is also one of the fastest-growing programming environments in the market today. 


However, like most other programming languages, even the python software development ecosystem has its pros and cons. A few of the major ones have been discussed in the paragraphs below.


Few Pros of the Python Software Development Environment:


Here are a few of the main benefits of using python software development for your business:




Python is a highly straightforward development environment that is suitable even for newcomers. It does not have many technicalities, and the code syntax is easy to learn and understand as well. Even developers who do not possess much experience can master this programming language in a matter of days. 


The language uses plain English to define important functionalities and keywords. It’s readable and can also be comprehended by anyone with little technical know-how. Indentations are needed to make the code structure more readable and easy to understand.


Large Community for Support:



Python currently has one of the largest communities in terms of coders, developers and product managers. They are usually quite friendly and approachable. So, if there is any stop-gap while you’re coding on python, you can always reach out to the experts across several online platforms and get your queries answered in no time.


This expedites the development process quite considerably and makes the developing life easier. You can also find established code structures on platforms such as GitHub and Stack Overflow to curb the deadtime incurred in learning a particular functionality. 


High Flexibility:


The python software development environment is extremely flexible and the code can be extended to other languages such as C and C++. These platforms can then be used to integrate more functions and features dynamically. For instance, while you can use python to develop an application in its entirety, you can always sync it with coding languages such as C++ for database creation and management or to pull raw data from the websites.


Python’s code is embeddable. This means you, a good python developer, can integrate the python code into another language such as C++ without having to rewrite the code in its entirety. This adds to the scripting capabilities and eases the burden on the development cycle and the python developer. This also means more environments can be used for testing the script and the deployment of the overall software. 


Extensive Code Libraries:


The Python software development environment has one of the most expansive sets of libraries among all other programming environments. There are dedicated libraries for an array of purposes such as generation of source code documentation, finding regular expressions in use, unit-testing, web browsers and stand-alone apps, computer-generated graphics and their usability, image manipulation, storage of information, retrieving key frameworks and data by web scraping, et al. 


This availability means less worry about structuring the code and eliminates the need to document the code in its entirety. Many expert python developers use such available libraries to create their apps and websites, reducing the overall time taken for product or software development.


Great Scalability:


Python is one of the most scalable app development ecosystems today. Many popular apps and websites such as Facebook and Instagram also leverage this power of python to provide unhinged accessibility to its members. Python is also used to create Internet-of-Things (IoT) platforms such as Raspberry Pi that integrate IoT into real-world apps. It is also one of the most popular environments for machine learning algorithms and programs.


It is also highly portable, meaning a code written in python can run practically anywhere, on almost all operating systems and development environments. It uses a technique called WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere), similar to Java, making it incredibly easy for developers to test and deploy softwares built with python.


Few Cons of the Python Software Development Environment:

While there are a plethora of pros to the python software development ecosystem, there are a handful of cons as well. Here are a few of the disadvantages of using python for developing software products for your business: 




  • Design Issues: Designing on python can become a significant impediment if the developer is not proficient with the platform. To mitigate this issue, it is recommended that your business hires experienced python development professionals or outsources it to a top-end software development firm. 


  • Slower than other languages: Python is slower than a few other non-compiled languages as it may need a lot of computational power. So, the system being used for software development must be well equipped to handle this kind of load. You can always outsource this development role to a technology firm that can ensure fast, reliable and robust deployment of the app on behalf of your business. 


  • Security Concerns: Python is not entirely secure. So in case you need to build an all-encompassing robust security architecture, you must take the necessary steps to leverage the coding process for enhanced security. It provides ground for QA testing, which can resolve this issue relatively easily, especially with an experienced team of developers. 


  • High Memory Usage: The Python development environment uses high memory, which may slow down the system it uses. To mitigate any memory loss or errors, your business can outsource the software development project to a high-end technology consulting firm such as Focaloid Technologies. It will reduce the development and deployment time and ensure transparent communication in each step. 


Key Takeaways


The advent of Python as a programming language has been quick and exponential. It is one of the most up-and-coming platforms for coders of all ages. It is beginner-friendly, scalable, flexible and portable. It has an extensive online repository and a diverse active community for support. 


Moreover, python software development is extremely important for several businesses, especially when they are spread across continents. It makes the software development cycles faster, cost-efficient, transparent and technologically fool-proof. Focaloid technologies is one such organisation promoting python software development for making resilient and robust apps that are user-centric and can be deployed across various operating systems and web browsers.


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