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What Are Quality Assurance Services?


What Are Quality Assurance Services? 


A set quality benchmark is essential for enterprises to achieve their business objectives. Quality gives your products and services an advantage in the competitive market. Quality assurance services of software help in making sure that your software is running smoothly and giving an unhindered and faultless user experience.


To explore and learn more about quality assurance services and how Focaloid Technologies can help you, keep reading.


What Is Quality Assurance?


Quality assurance is the part of quality management that determines whether the product validates the company or the industry’s standard requirement or not. Quality Assurance provides confidence to the management internally and the customers, government, regulators, agencies, certifiers, etc., externally. Quality assurance includes processes such as planning, fulfilling, and monitoring of the product. It is an essential part of the production.


Quality assurance is beneficial for organizations because it helps in delivering consistent results and setting the standards of software quality. The product has to meet the set quality of standard before being released to the public. It is a process-oriented approach and is different from software testing.


Benefits Of Quality Assurance


  1. Time-Saving

    Quality assurance is time-saving for a business because it is harder and more time-consuming to repair an error in production than it is to repair an error during the early design stage. The software development cycle impacts the time taken to fix errors.

  2. Cost-Effective

    Correcting errors at different stages of software development costs differently. When the software is in development, error correction costs much less than when the software has already been released.

  3. Increases Confidence In The Product

    A high-quality assurance determined while testing the product increases the confidence in the product. When an organization is sure that their software will add value for the users and won’t be of poor quality, it is a great relief and accomplishment. A sufficient number of tests have to be carried out to make sure the software is up to the standard.

  4. Prevents Breakdowns

    Total quality assurance helps in avoiding the failure of software. This saves the company both costly repair and maintenance work for the software. 

  5.  Increases Safety Level Of The Application

    A series of safety and performance tests are conducted during total quality assurance of the software. This finds errors in the architecture that may not have appeared to a normal user. Solving these errors helps in preventing data leaks and protects from cyber attacks.

  6. Preserves Your Reputation

    Reputation is everything in today’s competitive market. If you have software with bugs that impact the user experience, your company’s reputation will take a hit. With QA checks, these bugs can be identified and corrected. Hence your reputation is preserved.

  7.  Long-Term Profit

    The quality of the software impacts the costs of your project. Investing in total quality assurance will save funds in the long run. It also helps in building a high-quality and trustworthy business, which is the benchmark of a successful business through error defection.


QA Process


The quality assurance process follows a cycle known as the Deming or the PDCA cycle. The Cycle involves the following:


  • Plan

The company must establish process-related objectives and goals to help the team understand what processes are necessary for a high-quality product.

  • Do

Standardized processes are created and tested. Changes are made to the established workflow if standards are not met.

  • Check

Processes are monitored, modified, and evaluated to make sure they meet the set goals and objectives.

  • Act

If processes need improvements, executive actions are taken to achieve this.


The quality assurance team is responsible for following and repeating these steps. By this process, the software team is assessed and corrected. Following the quality assurance process ensures that the right procedures are used while designing and implementing a product. This helps software teams avoid errors and mistakes in the final product.


Software Testing And Quality Assurance Services


Software testing and quality assurance services in an organization ensure that the web, mobile, and cloud services they help build are the best performing. At Focaloid Technologies, we use proven and widely accepted testing methodologies. One of our core offerings is interdependent testing services. These services are utilized by our clients to make sure that their products are scalable, secure, and functional. Our testing process has been designed to be collaborative and systematically address different facets of software testing.


How does Focaloid achieve this?


Our QA process comprises of:

  • Requirement gathering – This prepares a test scenario diagram and test plan.
  • Test design – In this step, we add user stories, create test cases, and map the test case to requirements.
  • Test execution – Here, we plan and execute tests.
  • Test report– Defects are reported, and detect status is updated in this step.

Our integrated approach consists of both manual and automated testing. Manual testing helps in creating flexibility and freedom, while automated testing helps with speed and improved coverage.


The various services that we provide in the testing process are requirement analysis, test planning, test design, unit testing, functional testing, automated test execution, retesting and regression testing, reporting, automation test maintenance, performance testing, and security testing.


What Makes Focaloid The Best In Quality Assurance Services?


Focaloid is the best in quality assurance service because we provide features such as:


  • A highly skilled and experienced QA team to design and implement your organization’s testing strategy.
  • Reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks through automation.
  • We leverage manual testing for exploratory testing and other use cases.
  • Integrating CI/CD pipelines for automated testing.
  • Employing test management tools to cover your entire testing process.
  • Conducting vulnerability assessment and performance testing to ensure scalability and security.





Quality assurance is often thought of as an additional and unnecessary cost by enterprises. A deeper understanding of it will help understand how important it is both for the business and the customers. It is an essential part of software development that can be difficult for developers and testers to achieve. However, in the long run, organizations will be able to enjoy the sweet fruits of this hard labor.


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