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Phani Kumar S


In order to create awareness about the significance of good sleep, SleepScore Lab is teaming up with Mehmet Oz and coming up with new sleep monitoring technology. The company is known to be the best in making the most accurate and non-contact technological devices for monitoring sleep. As per the recent updates, they are launching a program called ‘Amp your Resolution’, in which they are featuring Dr. Oz with SleepScore ventures.

This article will be discussing the Amp your Resolution Program in detail, what purpose it serves and what audience it targets?

The ‘Amp your Resolution’ program is a three-step program which is created to make consumers aware of ways to create and enhance their nighttime routine and to change and adjust their sleeping habits in a positive way. The ‘Amp your Resolution’ program features insights from the expert Mehmet Oz. Their basic aim is to fund product sleep solutions and to make people aware of the importance of a good sleep schedule.

Being a part of the pre-investment validation procedure, the company will be using the ResMed propriety technology to achieve the functions they want the device to serve. Companies would be able to access the distribution through various retailers and through the SleepScore store.

It has been stated by Dr. Mehmet Oz that many people start their new year with resolution related to eating habits or losing weight, however, they miss an important part that helps in achieving these goals, which is a good sleeping routine. It is a fact, that sleep has the ability to affect your physical as well as mental health, with assisting in shaping your body.

Over the past 13 years, SleepScore Lab has been successful in logging 50 million hours of data in order to help people with getting a good sleep routine and living a healthier life. The app monitors the users breathing patterns and movements with the help of sonar technology. This way, you can actually measure the kind of sleep you’re having and what changes do you need to make.

SleepScore app takes various factors into account, such as time to fall asleep, REM, wake time, duration of sleep, light sleep and deep sleep. In the end, it gives you a score, telling you the quality of your sleep. The CEO of SleepScore has stated that there is a huge majority of people who face insomnia or restless leg syndrome, and 900 million people worldwide that face sleep apnea which is a problem in which snoring can hinder breathing which is dangerous.  

The app utilizes the microphone in your cell phone and measures your breathing patterns which tell how well you are sleeping. Furthermore, if users need to see a doctor, the app helps them connect to a medical service provider who is already aware of the patients sleeping patterns and understand their health.

Therefore, this application is great for people looking to stay healthy and improving their sleeping patterns. You can get your score and then discuss it with your doctor if required.


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