Voice enabled IoT

19/06/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


Voice interface requires processes to be executed in the right sequence. Voice-enabled input brings about consistency and accuracy. IIOT (The Industrial Internet of Things ) data enables the management of this voice enabled instructions with comprehensive trend analysis.

Voice control embedded with IIoT data ensures operations that are more efficient and seamless. Though this can help manage inspections and personnel on the industrial front with real-time data, the most simpler use cases include voice assistants in mobile phones and other platforms empowered by IoT and AI. 

If you are an iPhone user, you must have used the SIRI. It is a virtual assistant that uses the user’s voice to bring instructions into action. With respect to Android users, it is the Google assistant. There has been a lot of advancement in these assistants. Microsoft has its assistant while Samsung has its own. These virtual assistants are made to assist you while you are using the device.

Some of the most commonly used voice assistants are mentioned below.

•    SIRI

•    Google Assistant

•    Bixby

•    Alexa

•    Cortana

The purpose of these Virtual Assistants

They have made the user experience even better by providing services through voice. You don’t have to tap anymore on the screen for things to happen. Like if you want to call your friend Jack, you have to activate the assistant and say, “Call Jack.” The virtual assistant handles the rest of the things itself. It opens up the contact list, finds Jack and calls him.

How do you use it?

Every assistant has its own method of activation. You have to press and hold the home button to activate SIRI while you have to say, “Ok Google” to activate Google Assistant. There is a physical button on the device for Bixby for its activation. It is not complicated to use them either. After activation, you have to give a voice command to get the action executed.  

The kind of work they handle

You can give them a number of instructions. It starts from playing music, calling your friend or colleague and writing a short note. You can send messages through these assistants, and now Google has introduced a new thing in their assistant. You can ask them to book a haircut appointment with the nearest barber shop, and it would do it. It would call itself and talk to the person and book you an appointment at whichever time you have ordered it to do, even in a restaurant.

Here is a list of all the things you can ask them to do. They can

•    Call a friend

•    Launch apps like gallery

•    Write and Send a message

•    Set up a meeting in the calendar

•    Translate sentences

•    Open a particular picture album

•    Give directions through maps

•    Play music

•    Set up reminders

•    Send email

•    Inform about weather

•    Set up alarms

•    Write notes

•    Search the web

•    Interact with compatible apps


With the advancement in technology, these virtual assistants have become a powerful tool for much better user experience. They are widely used and can handle tons of operations. They can be availed as a ‘hearing aid’ for users in need. These assistants voice the text in a very clear way to assist the user and they have been proved very helpful. Currently, there are a number of people reaping the benefits from these assistants. They can sing, book appointments, set your schedule and do more. Many more people will be using them after the upcoming updates. Once these features are updated and completely implemented. They would change the world and revolutionalize the concept of tapping the screen.  


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