UI UX Design Trends Of 2022


UI/UX Design Trends Of 2022


UI UX design is a fast developing industry that adapts quickly to the constantly changing design trends. Dramatic UI/UX  changes have happened in the past 2 years because of the pandemic. In 2022, we will see some impressive new trends and the return of a few old ones. 


Staying on top of the UI/UX game is important for gathering information and replicating the latest UI/UX design trends that are best suited for you or your enterprise. So, let’s take a look and explore the trendiest UI/UX trends of 2022.


Bold Typography


Gone are the days of the plain old Arial or Comics Sans being used for web typography. The web typography design is becoming bolder and bigger to arrest the attention of anyone who reads it. Bold typography still has to be a part of the overall design aesthetic, and not a jumble of big words like people assume it is. The font is one of the essential design aspects. A good typography design conveys information in the most to-the-point manner. This trend seems like it will be staying around for a long time, with several popular websites using it in 2022.


Metaverse/Augmented & Virtual Reality


One of the biggest announcements for the UI/UX industry in 2021 was the Metaverse, an establishment of Mark Zuckerberg. In the Metaverse, users are connected with digital devices and environment, and each other through a VR device. The quarantine caused by Covid-19 also had a hand in the intensification of augmented and virtual reality UI/UX design trends. AR/VR will be taking user engagement to whole new levels by responding in real-time and directly to the user’s needs and environment. The adoption of newer UX design rules that utilize VR and AR facilities across industries is the future. In 2022 as well, this trend will remain big.


Dark Mode


The dark mode has been around for years on Google, YouTube, and other platforms, but recently it has become the conventional UX setting. The dark mode is a user interface that uses darker colors for its palette and lighter colors for the text and secondary details, making them stand out in the darker background. The minimalist yet elegant appearance of the color, combined with the fact that it doesn’t reflect light while reading, makes it a favorite of many. More and more apps and websites are utilizing the dark mode trend and products, which will continue in 2022.




In today’s world, the personalization of experience has become a really common thing. Instagram personalizes your shopping solutions, Netflix recommends curated shows for you, and Spotify makes custom-made playlists according to your music tastes. The advancement in artificial intelligence and data collection technologies is the reason behind this. Companies are now collecting more data than ever before, from behavioral data to demographics to localization; everything is being utilized to target new potential customers and to provide the user with the best value or service. In 2022, UI/UX developers will be looking at creating more meaningful personalized experiences and improving on the already set precedent.


UX Writing


UX writing is a carefully crafted copy that is a part of the organization’s content strategy. This 2022 trend creates a friendly experience with small microcopies that create a consistent brand voice. The copies have useful information that is easy to digest and takes less time to read. It creates maximum impact with minimum words. The user can understand your brand’s story, its application, what they do, where they are, etc., with UX writing in just a few minutes of scrolling.


Password-less Login


Passwords are a major source of headaches for users as they are hard to remember, complicated, less secure, and most important of all, annoying. Password-less login/authentication is a more safe and easy way of using passwords. This design practice also gives a more delightful experience to users and customers, who don’t have to memorize passwords anymore. Frictionless authentication will continue to be in demand in 2022. This includes social login, facial unlocks, fingerprint sensors, etc.


3D Designs


Betterment of the overall user experience is the main aim of all new UI/UX design trends. With 3D designs, the users get more exciting and inventive visuals for design. The increase in the accessibility of new generation programs and tools that create 3D designs is the reason why 3D designs will be more popular in the 2022 UI/UX design trends.


Storytelling Through Scrolling


The newest UI/UX design trend is storytelling through scrolls or scroll telling. The website or app is designed in such a way that each scroll tells a part of a story. As a user, you would not be able to help yourself from scrolling until the very end. With this UX design, the user is also not bombarded with unnecessary information that they didn’t want in the first place itself. The user feels like a participant in an event taking place through a screen, similar to watching a movie. In 2022, scroll telling will be seen on the most popular websites.


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In a competitive market, the enterprise that catches the user’s attention quickly and effectively with its design wins. UI/UX designs play a very important role in improving the business’s scale and sales. The user experience and customer experience are directly linked to the UI/UX design of the website, application, etc. Therefore, if you want to create a pleasant and long-lasting impression on users, keeping up with the UI/UX design trends is a must.


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