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Types of Application Development Services


Types of Application Development Services


Many organisations offer application development services today. Several make claims about their quality and affordability. It is wise not to go solely by their word. Verify their quality by communication with past clients. Ask yourself what price is okay with you. Can the outsourcing company deliver the goods to your satisfaction? Will the deliverable address the needs and preferences of your customers? Sometimes you may need software built from scratch. In some cases, you may want to modify existing software. Finally, you may want to upgrade legacy software. We take a look at the different kinds of relevant and presently prevalent application development services.


Different Types of Application Development Services


  • Cloud ComputingThis technology is in vogue in the present and is expected to boom in the future. Services can be used from any geographical location using the Internet and authentic login details.  Benefits include pay as per usage, high security, outsourcing of software management, seamless scalability, no burden of maintenance and more. More and more software are hosted on the cloud.  For the uninitiated, cloud is a dedicated remote server that hosts software applications, storage, computing apps and other useful components. For cloud applications you need a first-rate provider of application development services.


  • Application DevelopmentIt is the design and development of individual software or group of software that offers useful functionality and features. The software can come in varied sizes and fall under different software domains. Development is done using different technologies and software development models. Stages of development include requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment as well as maintenance. Types of application development include desktop application development, web application development and mobile application development. Choose seasoned application development services entities for best results. 
  • API (Application Program Interface)The full form of API is Application Program Interface. With their help programmers can develop software that is compatible with multiple operating systems. Leveraging API, you can seamlessly link different software modules together. It enables integration of as well as communication between different software programs. API makes it easy to connect to databases and convenient to integrate with third party apps. Look for application development services providers who specialise in this domain.


  • Mobile SoftwareMost people own and use smartphones today. Mobile devices contain a plethora of mobile apps. Since they are easy to carry, mobiles can be used at any time and from any geographical location. Many apps are built for Apple’s iPhones, Android mobiles and other kinds of mobile devices. The challenge is to have a display that fits into the relatively small screen sizes. Also, apps have to work keeping in mind the limited computing power of smartphones. Recreational activities, business meetings and Ecommerce transactions all take place using the ubiquitous smartphone. Today there exist umpteen mobile application development services providers in the market.


  • Web SoftwareNearly everybody is using the Internet today. So, there is a large market to have websites. The latter should be attractive, fit on different screens and load quickly. Web browsers are used to open and navigate different websites. Ecommerce sites need convenient shopping experience as well as watertight security. Today there exist a large variety of technologies to develop attractive and powerful websites. Web application development services are provided by a large number of entities presently.


  • Full-StackA full-stack expert knows both the front-end technologies and back-end technologies to develop software. The front-end is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or visual part of the software. Back-end is usually a server or database accessed using programming logic. Some developers know only to create the front-end. Back-end experts know to program as well as interact with databases as per interactions by user with front-end elements. Full-stack developers are expensive but worth the investment in terms of meeting deadlines, quality of software and restricting expenses as per budget. Many application development services firms offer a wide choice of full stack developers.


  • Backend DevelopmentA website having only frontend lacks value. You need to make it interactive and achieve business value. There are host of stellar back-end technologies. Back-end developers generally lack knowledge of developing a website or app’s GUI. However, they know how to connect to databases and add programming logic. Their work is also known as server-side scripting.


  • Frontend/GUI DevelopmentThe GUI makes the first impression on a visitor. It should fit different screen sizes, be attractive, be easy to navigate as well as load quickly. There are developers skilled in various front-end technologies. Investing in a quality frontend is a strategic move that makes sound business sense. You have the option of hiring full stack developers or separate front-end and back-end developers to design and build your website.

    Application software for smartphones are also called mobile apps or simple apps. Focaloid is adept at delivering apps which are superior in terms of design, testing and user friendliness.



Different Types of Mobile App Development Services




  • Building Custom AppsThese applications incorporate the unique requirements and preferences of the client. Ready-made software has a one size fits all design. However, by having custom software in place you can focus on your niche audience and provide superior value. The result is better branding and ramped up revenues as well as profits.


  • Building Front-End AppsThese apps can be pre-installed on the smartphone. Otherwise, you can download them from the app stores for free or for a price. The app should not consume a large amount of resources and should be simple to navigate. You need the service of a skilled front-end developer to craft user friendly and fast loading mobile apps. If the app doesn’t load fast the visitor is likely to abandon the app and switch to competitor apps.


  • Building Backend AppsBackend makes an app come alive offering communication and relevant information. For this purpose, skilled and experienced backend developers are a must. Uses include Ecommerce transactions, browsing social media, checking news, playing games and more. Security and confidentiality of data are primary concerns.


  • Building Cross-Platform AppsThese types of apps are designed to work on different mobile operating systems. The same code can be reused across multiple mobile platforms. They are not as powerful as native apps but come close. You don’t have to develop different apps for different mobile platforms. So valuable time and money is saved which could be diverted to other purposes.


  • Building Native AppsThese types of apps work only on a specific operating system. They fully utilise the features and functionality of a particular mobile platform. The result is superior as well as uninterrupted performance. Remember native  apps work on a single mobile platform and you will have to build new apps for other mobile platforms. This is an option for users wanting premium experience.


More Types of Application Development Services



  • Maintenance and Support ServicesIt is not enough to design and develop useful applications. They must operate smoothly in the future. It is imperative to have stellar maintenance and support services. There can be many problems even after deploying application software. The software can hang. It can give incorrect results. The software may be slow. It may collapse under heavy workloads. It is best to assign maintenance service to the organisation that designed and built the application software. They are familiar with the technology used and existing source code. Compared to new entities they will quickly get to the root of the problem. As such they provide superior service at lesser expense and time consumed.


  • Migration to Another PlatformYou may already have full-fledged software. The business requirements may have changed. Or the technology used to craft the software may be outdated. Maybe you want to integrate the software with other software. You need professionals who have expertise and experience in stellar migration services. The full functionality of the old software will be retained. The look and feel of the interface will remain the same to avoid a steep learning curve.  Documentation will be created to transit to the newly developed software. If you want you can make the existing software more user friendly. You have the option of introducing new features and functionality into the application software.


  • Desktop ApplicationsThis type of software does not need the Internet to run. Most providers have vast experience in developing, deploying and maintaining desktop applications. As a result, they cost less and are built in a relatively short span of time. Look for providers who offer user friendly, attractive, engaging and powerful desktop applications. Offer them multiple desktop application projects to get discounts. Instead of building generic desktop applications go a step further by asking for custom desktop applications. For achieving that the provider should be provided detailed and complete information about your company, your customers and major competitors.





If possible, try out the different software developed by the companies offering application development services. Request a copy of the processes they follow. Study their portfolio and ask what challenges they encountered and solved while developing particular software applications. Ask for their quotes so you can compare with other providers. Brainstorm with your team members to decide which is a good fit for your organisational needs. Ask the provider why you should choose them over other existing providers. What is their unique selling proposition? Do they have a disaster or backup plan ready in the event the software fails? What is the process and quality of their documentation? What is their total experience in application development services? What technologies do they leverage for application development services?


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