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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing QA in 2022


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing QA in 2022


What is QA (Quality Assurance) and Why is it Important? 

QA (Quality Assurance) is an important stage of the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). Its goal is to make sure that the software deliverable is bug free as well as ready for release as per schedule. It is a proven fact that quality assurance is very important. Thanks to QA the count of defects in the deliverable is minimal.

When executed correctly QA prevents major issues at the final stage of a product. Also, it results in substantial savings of time and money resources. When ignored or not done properly the final deliverable may have major or minor flaws. This means that the product will have a delayed release. Also, the reputation of the company may be tarnished. There is an associated risk of displeasing the clients too.


A Prevalent Myth About QA


Some people are of the opinion QA testers are not required or vital when there is availability of a team of quality programmers of the concerned company. The fact is that QA is needed to make sure that the final deliverable fulfils both the expected quality levels and preferences of the valued customer. Don’t make the mistake of skipping the QA stage or performing QA half-heartedly.

Many companies conduct quality assurance on their own. They may have a department dedicated to QA. Alternatively, they may have a team of QA specialists. However, it is a good idea to outsource this particular stage of the software development lifecycle.


Different Models of Outsourcing QA


  • Hire a Whole Team of QA Experts

This team will be integrated with the client’s existing team. This model is suitable if the client already has a full-fledged team for software development.

  • Hire a Few Individuals Who are QA Experts

The outsourcing company supplies QA professionals to the client. Note that the client will directly manage the individuals. This model is suitable when a whole team is not needed and a few QA personnel will suffice.


We take a look at reasons to outsource QA to external entities

 1  Save Money

Entities need not have a separate QA department. So, money is saved as no salaries have to be paid, hardware need not be purchased and maintained. Expensive software testing tools need not be bought under license. Operational costs such as Internet usage, electricity and water are not there. The company need not spend on real estate to accommodate staff and hardware. Finally, there is no need for training staff on the latest QA technologies. The money saved can be utilised on other or more important areas. Also, if the QA provider is located in a country with relatively cheaper professionals, they are likely to offer lower rates.  


 2  Meet Deadlines

The outsourcing company will not have to be trained in the latest QA tools and processes. So, the QA stage will happen immediately. The latest QA software will already be installed on the hardware. The QA company focuses on only one thing which is QA. So, they have more experience and expertise when benchmarked against non-specialized companies Also, they are likely to have done similar projects in the past. This experience will help them meet the challenges better and avoid mistakes. As a result, the QA of the software project will be done in minimum time.


3  Different as well as Fresh Perspective

As the company focuses on only one area which is software QA, they are better and faster in spotting errors. Also, they have different skills as well as experience. So, they have a different perspective. Usually, the staff of the client company tend to overlook errors as they are working day-in and day-out on the software project. They also may have other or different job responsibilities.


4  Ability to Focus On the Important things

QA involves dedicating human resources, time, hardware and software by the company. If a company decides to go by the outsourcing route there are significant savings in terms of effort, time and money. As a result, they can focus on the other stages of the Software Development Lifecycle. As a result, they get better at their job. Since experts are taking care of QA the client need not worry about that stage of the SDLC. 


5  Leverage Skilled and Highly Experienced QA Specialists

Companies need not put the effort to hire QA professionals who are up to date with the latest technologies. This task may be difficult. Also, the QA specialists may be located in different places. Effort, time and money are needed to hire high quality QA experts. It is wiser to hire a company with the best and already existing as well as specifically trained human resources/team.


How to Select the Right QA Outsourcing Partner


Don’t try to save money by outsourcing QA to entities that offer the least price. Do your research and select the competent companies. Remember that the initial investment in QA will yield manifold returns in the long run. An important thing to do is to check the shortlisted companies’ credentials. This can be done by going through their websites and brochures. Read all the testimonials carefully. Make it a point to ask for references with their contact details. Have a detailed talk with past clients. Verify the provider’s quality, ability to meet deadlines and after sales support.

Some enterprises particularly those that are small in size or new ones don’t have the capability to execute proper QA testing. In that case they need to search for an affordable and competent QA provider. 


Our Expertise


Focaloid is a stellar software product and services company catering to clients in the US and UK. For your Information, Focaloid has both the expertise and experience to conduct software QA in time and without mistakes. The company has established practices and processes to conduct QA testing correctly. Note that our team has experts who are qualified as well as extensively trained to do their job well. Most enterprises irrespective of size can reap benefits from outsourcing software QA. Focaloid‘s team carry out QA efficiently and effectively keeping in mind the project’s needs as well as specifications.


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