Top 5 multi platform mobile app development tools

19/06/2024 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Mobile development tools are programs that app developers use for building apps. Cross-platform development tools are more common among developers as they can be used to create apps that are compatible with more than one platform. Here, details of the most functional multi-platform development tool that have been provided.

1. Appcelerator



Applecelerator has all the tools a mobile developer needs to put together a great mobile app. This cross-platform mobile app development program can work in an iOS, Android or Windows environment. Amateur developers will find its drag and drop feature and real-time analytics to be very handy.

Developers who use this mobile development tool are given access to an excess of 5000 APIs and location information, and this program has been used to design over 75000 mobile apps.


  • Suitable for amateur mobile app developers
  • Powerful and easily extendable API


  • its IDE interface is not very responsive.
  • Not compatible with Windows smartphones.

2. Kony


App developers can develop JavaScript apps that are cross-platform compatible with Kony and a single IDE. Should the developer want additional apps, more than 100 users and less limiting features, he/she will have to upgrade to the paid version.

API management, Chatbots, augmented reality, prebuilt apps, customer reporting, and voice are some of the things that this platform supports.


  • Suitable for building apps for smart and wearable devices.
  • It supports real-time previews and has great testing powers.


  • Poor documentation.
  • Only supports English.

3. Monocross



This freeware is cross-platform compatible and has a mobile app development environment for creating iOS apps for devices like the iPods, iPhones, and iPads as well as those for Windows and Android phones. These Apps can be written with the Mono framework, C# or .NET.


  • High flexibility and rapid adjustment due to fast porting feature.
  • Third party API can be easily integrated


  • This freeware is outdated.
  • Low support in the app development community

4. NativeScript



This open source cross-platform mobile development tool uses JavaScript, TypsScript, or Angular for building Android and iOS mobile apps. It supports a wide array of plugin affording mobile app developers more functionality, and it comes with Vue.JS integration. An above average knowledge of command line is required to make the most of this freeware.


  • Its APIs are easily accessible and can be integrated with custom modules without difficulties.
  • It has a wealth of flexibility for a freeware


  • Its initial configuration process is very tedious.
  • Its layout and Styles for iOS and Android are sometimes in conflict.

5. PhoneGap


This is an open-source program for creating cross-platform compatible apps. It is a freeware that employs basic web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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PhoneGap enables app developers to work with mobile phone sensors and features like camera, accelerometer, GPS/location and much more. PhoneGap can be used on macOS or windows environment, and custom apps can be tested on its Android, Windows and iOS emulator.


  • Ease of configuring.
  • Online Support availability and Thorough Documentation


  • Plugin integration is limited.
  • Multiple namespaces could make it difficult to tell packages apart.     


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