Top 10 effective app marketing strategies

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Being part of the Marketing Team of Mobile App Development Company, I realize that many including me earn our bread and butter by engaging and communicating to business professionals the need and potential of Mobile Apps. The growing number of IOS & Android App Development Companies and their attractive client list imply that everyday a new idea is born and with it the wireframe of a new mobile app at some corner of the world.

Everybody irrespective of the age group is in a rush to convert their idea into a mobile app with the desire to solve certain specific peripheral issues surfacing in their locality, society, country or world at large. Every app developed is based on an idea, which is generally a solution to some key issues encountered by people at large, that is observed and researched out of the local or global arena.

It is all good to have a brilliant idea, develop a mobile app, make it a brand and ignite your dreams out of it. But, it is very important to understand and create your own app marketing strategy to become successful and ensure stable growth.

Many marketers & developers fail even after knowing various Mobile App Marketing Strategies because they fail to put it into practice. If you’re a marketer or a self-motivated developer make sure you clearly document and follow both Pre-launch and Post-launch strategies for the app you market or your app respectively. Your pre-launch strategies will set the correct ambience for your launch and your post-launch strategies will help you to carry a consistent and growing momentum for your app.

Pre-Launch Strategies

  • Landing Page : an elegant and attractive landing page is an important prerequisite during pre-launch mainly to get few early signups. The landing page should be creatively designed and should share details about the app, its key features and a call to action button like register to avail launch offer,etc.
  • Press & Public Relations Activities : press releases and posting posts on launch of your app on tech news sites and other relevant influencing sites is very important to spread awareness to maximum number of people. In any industry or field it is a well known fact that only if you communicate to hundred people will you get at least 10 signups. So press and PR activities is a must.
  • E-mail Marketing : e-mail marketing is effective both pre and post launch. However, during pre-launch you can use e-mail marketing to build curiosity, excitement and remind people about the launch and associated offers. Even offering coupon codes or lucky draw schemes to attract potential people for the launch event can be effectively done via e-mail marketing.
  • App Explainer Video : scenario based video to explain your app and its usefulness can do wonders than any simplified or customized content on your landing page. Research conducted world over indicate that a high quality one minute video delivers around 180 million words in a simple and more engaging manner. Moreover, you will be able to use this video throughout the launch and even for few post launch promotions and marketing actions.
  • Localize your app : this is very important if you’re targeting multiple countries or entire globe. One-size fits all technique in app marketing will only increase your bounce rates and negative reviews. So make sure you strike a chord with people from different local regions or different countries by localizing your app. This will fetch your app great acceptance both pre and post launch.

Post-Launch Strategies

  • App Store Optimization (ASO) : ASO include activities to optimize your mobile app to make it top in the search results chart of various app stores. The activities include analysing and finalizing titles, keywords and description for your app. Right and relevant keywords will enable you to get more interested people than random masses for your app.
  • Affiliate Marketing : this is a marketing technique similar to online referral marketing and is very effective for app marketing. In this technique, app marketers associate with an ad network like Google Display Network or Apple Affiliate Program, etc., and offer code snippets to other app and website publishers to embed on their platforms in exchange for a reward for every successful download of your app.
  • Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing : is an old yet effective marketing technique even in digital marketing. This popular traditional marketing technique can and should be included in your app through built-in Share button, allowing satisfied customers to easily share and spread the word about the app to others in their network. Also, make sure to offer various attractive seasonal,referral, on-spot and other offers relevant to your target audience and by engaging them rightly make sure to get their ratings & positive reviews for your app.
  • Update your app frequently and notify via Push Notifications : post launch you should systematically study user behaviour and accordingly make key app updations. Updating your app frequently will enhance your ratings and even enhance your user loyalty. Push notifications feature enable you to provide real time notifications and app updation details directly in simple words to your users.
  • Social Media : last but not the least is Social Media Marketing. You should without fail plan and document a feasible and creative social media marketing strategy for your app. More and more people are on twitter,facebook,google plus, etc., for hours and hours, so make sure you actively participate in these mediums along with scheduling excellent posts. Social listening and participating in social forums and discussions too is key in the success of your app.


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