Tips to increase user retention on e-commerce mobile apps

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


In today’s fast growing tech world, new mobile apps are launched every day. The competition has been tough and the competitors have been scrambling to retain their users to sustain in the market. There are many factors that the present day mobile app developers must keep in mind while developing their application in order to increase user retention on e-commerce mobile app .

The normal retention period of an application keeps on decreasing with time. There are several reasons for this; however, the one that dominates the list is the development of new and upgraded version of them. Each user of these e-commerce applications is a customer and it is very important to satisfy them to improve the retention rate. A few of them have been jotted down so that it can be helpful to the developers and the users while choosing the app.

  • Feedbacks and responses :- once an application is developed it will definitely be used and rated by the customers. Gathering feedbacks from pertinent or potential users and giving response to them is an indispensable aspect for user retention. Such feedbacks should be evaluated thoroughly and processed through the different development sectors of application development ranging from user interface analysis to quality testing.
  • Knowing your users :- it becomes very important for the company and the developers to target their main users. They must know about the type of use their application is being extensively put into. This will help them to maintain the application upto the standard.
  • Offering Mobile Application Updates :- once the application is launched it will be used and there will be bugs and errors. Along with giving timely feedbacks to the users it is also important to fix the bugs and errors so that the customers remain happy and use the application.
  • Alerts for updates :- whenever the application is updated, it will be better if the users are notified of the same. This way they will come to know of the improvement made in the app. Special care needs to be taken about the interest of the customers regarding the notifications being sent. The language used should be polite and user friendly.
  • Give rewards :- there must be a reason why people should extensively use your application. One of the reasons may be user friendliness and easiness. But apart from that it would be really nice if you could reward your customer with some additional bonus points or rewards for being loyal to your application. They would really feel special and happy about it.
  • Giving reasons to comeback :- last but not the least; the users must find a reason to comeback to or retain your application. It must keep offering unique updates with respect to its counterpart applications in the market so that they feel to continue using the app.

Keeping all these points in mind will help the developers to build great e-commerce applications that are user friendly and easy to use.


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