The world is now app-ening!

24/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


The pun in heading is overtly intended because as we have crossed over into the 21st century, the only glistening light at the horizon is App development.

Don’t worry. We aren’t going to get episodic about the whole agenda, but merely show how apps have literarily and figuratively taken over the world!

“During the initial phase of the drop of the Apple Inc innovative iphone, the company’s head honcho at the time, the late Steve Jobs, was reluctant of the concept of Apps fearing system errors and sabotage in the open loop software frame. But once he relented in 2007 to broaden the market, a gate was open and was to never be closed again.”

The current App market stands at a staggering 25 billion USD and is expected to grow by another 3.3 billion by the end of the year. So much financial growth, in such short spans. How? Because the stock market has realized the potential in the eyeball ratio. And with growth comes an increase in financial flux which boosts the company further, thereby helping the investors. Basically, as we go up, so does the money.

Three months ago, 25 year old Alexey Moiseenkov was working at Russian internet giant Mail.Ru, when he had an idea. The idea was to stylize any photo taken on a mobile camera with a touch of a button. And unlike the numerous photo editing software’s available online which manipulate the image itself, Moiseenkov’s idea was to research and create new images out of people’s photos. After a few months, a source code was developed and Moiseenkov and his colleague were able to manipulate system learning to transform photos into works of art. And thus, PRISMA was born.


The App has been downloaded 10 million times in the last 5 weeks and is now used in over 54 countries. All in less than a year! An idea can indeed change your life, but hard work will make it a reality.

“And Custom apps are not only on the rise, but also Aid apps.”


Apps which aid in our day to day work and experiences are growing phenomenally as time is no longer a dispensable factor in human life, we are constantly finding new ways to shorten time spans in work forces. Hence, Apps have become the bread and butter for faster computing. Stock market and Travel and leisure apps are helping us move faster and work from home. An app called YOUSICIAN which has gone viral on the ios platform helps aspiring guitars to take tutorial lessons from the comfort of their own bedroom or even bathroom. The Finnish app YOGAIA has reduced the need of a yoga instructor as it explains in details the chasms and heights of yoga through a real time interface software.

Nowadays, businesses have realized the true potential of the online platform and are offering millions for investment. Recently, an Indian based tutorial app called BYJUS which was created by software firm THINK&LEARN was just picked up by Facebook Inc who have flooded USD 10 billion into the company to expand it further and make it available in more countries and different languages. A few years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible because of a gap. A gap, now bridged!

With more and more apps coming out by the day in the marketplace, competition is only getting tougher. The Economic Times was quoted as saying “With more and more companies out, many are shutting down due to lack of sales. We have already seen 1000 companies shut down in the last year”, but this goes to without saying that to make an omlette, we need to break a few eggs first.


But the medical concern is that it has been stated that ‘An average adult should not spend more than 2 hours starring at a screen. But the average working adult spends 5 hrs in front a computer screen and another 4 hrs in front of a hand held gadget’. So the health concern is over whelming. But, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had this to say “We have reached an era where the phone is never off and is only off when dead” which means that phones have become an intrigual part of life which cannot be avoided because of its importance and significance in day-to-day life.

Why we feel that apps are taking over the world because a few years back, apps were merely seen as counter-productive tools or rather tools for recreation and fun. But in the last 3 years, as the number of smart phone users went up 3x multifold, businesses and professions have begun to depend on them and their importance went from toys to tools. This paradigm shift is what has shaken the world and ushered us into the software era of mankind. As Apps from food renting such as Zomato, till Metal detectors and Instagram, the world has understood the importance of apps and we are today in the middle of a seismic take over. Welcome to the software age. Things only got easier.


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