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The significance of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

19/06/2024 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Some of the netizens might be curious why a researcher about supercomputers are learning all about artificial intelligence and deep learning. Some have questioned whether AI and Deep Learning  are worth studying?

The answer to this question can be found here in this article

Many years ago, there is a lot of buzz about supercomputers and their connection to the methods of Machine Learning. The year 2006 has arrived and an expert on Data Mining and Machine Learning, Ricard Garalva who is a professor of a computer science department has become interested in making a thesis about the AI.

However, the theses were not given birth until 2013. By that year, many people have solid knowledge about Machine Learning and they are now shifting their focus and interests to Deep Learning. A researcher in UPC’s Computer Architecture Department known as Jordi Nin researched about unsupervised learning that is building high and learning that is created on a large scale basis. This project was originally conducted by the researchers of Google and it was presented at a conference about Machine Learning. In that particular conference, several authors say that the Deep Learning model has 16,000 cores and 1,000 machines. This is how supercomputers were able to accelerate their applications.

A few months after the conference, there was a road map done on how the supercomputers are able to help the rise of Deep learning and AI on the lives of many people. With the help of Moore’s Law, there are a lot of supercomputers that were able to solve complex problems on huge scale capacity. A supercomputer in 1982 called Fujitsu was able to execute millions of operations in a second. When you compare it to the supercomputers of 2012 which is 3 decades later, you might find the Barcelona Super Computer Center has found a way to accelerate that particular speed 1 billion times faster than the Fujitsu.

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The Next Generation of Supercomputers

The world now is at a generation where the AI technologies converge with supercomputer technologies. This is thanks to the companies that provide cloud-based services to many industries in the world.

In Spain, there is a supercomputer called the MareNostrum that is able to maximize the design for the upcoming supercomputers. When it comes to the current world, only time can tell whether there will be supercomputers that can exceed the current powers that exist in the world. Many believe that there are still more to be discovered when it comes to the unlimited capacities that supercomputers can offer us. There are also other factors that triggered the AI resurgence. It is fair to say that these factors are not only because of the development of supercomputers. There are Big data phenomena and other factors that will affect the world of AI. Some stages are still in their development phases and others are still not aware that these kinds of power exist in the world. There are still more improvements in the future and those who know, are already looking forward to their development.


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