The much awaited Apple WWDC is here

23/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


With less than a week to go, the suspense is building on consumers, and the pressure on the apple team might just have gone a notch higher. The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled to take place from June 13th to 17th, is one of the most high-profile developers’ conference and most attended in the world. Among other new products, Apple is to reveal its latest operating system iOS10 which is considered a milestone software for the new iPhones and iPads to be launched. This means we should be expecting a few surprises from the new interface. As far as rumors go, Apple is testing this iOS10 currently, therefore; a release is expected three months after the conference. Thanks to the company, the routine is no longer a wonder.

What Features Do We Expect From iOS10?


Some of the features expected are pretty simple and is beyond us why they still don’t exist. Volume control seems to be a repetitive problem with apple products. Nothing is more infuriating than attempting to turn down the volume, tapping on a vine video and hearing it still blaring from the mono speaker. Unlike many Android phones that have split up the controls into two or more groups, the media controls in iPhones are different from notification controls. Therefore, the only way to reduce the volume is by starting it up first. We expect iOS10 to catch up with the times, come up with a control system that is not confusing or limited.


This brings us to music. Just a year later, Apple Music is getting a facelift with new streaming services for its user interface. Note, do not confuse Apple Music streaming with iTunes music downloading. Furthermore, we are excited about the rumors that iOS10 will have a song lyrics feature . This underutilized tab was meant to let artists share videos, demo tracks and photos with fans, therefore, it is not expected to play a prominent role.


With IOT technology slowly taking over the tech world, Apple products are expected to sync with the norm. The Apple home kit is to make your home or apartment a lot smarter than it is. Your iOS10 should transform your devices into remote controls for fixtures like door locks, bulbs, thermostat, the doorbell or anything that qualifies under the internet of things classification. A company like Apple has the ability to unite and organize the extremely scattered smart home technology idea. Despite the Home kit app being more than a year old, it is expected to be made a dominant feature for users with the new Apple Home app by the iOS10.


The ability to send money from one iOS device to another has been a need that has created the longest running rumors about the operating system. What is missing from your iPhone’s digital wallet? Despite the fast and continuous expansions of Apple pay across the globe, we can’t treat it as we would PayPal nor can we send people payments directly. However, this might just change with the reveal of iOS10, as Apple goes head to head with Venmo payment app to its ability, ridding us of the need to go through NFC cash registers.

It’s unfortunate that I have to reset an app, after minimizing it, to open it later after having opened others. Expectations to resolve these bugs with the iOS10 updates are high, especially when it comes to orientation flaws, memory and caching.


An improvement on Siri in the new iOS10 feature is fully expected, as this is an annual thing. However, we expect to Siri to become a true personal assistant by even going as far as handling our voicemails, tell who the caller is and the reason you shouldn’t pick the phone. It’s also rumored that the new voicemail system will be a part of an iCloud Voicemail that’s an enhancement of the standard digital audio. Not to say it’s launching a mobile network of its own, however, with this feature, it’s one step closer to accomplishing that. That’s not all we expect from Siri. We hope to give them more capabilities beyond “HI Siri”. Siri third party apps are likely to become embedded into our lives as a great competitor to Google Home speakers and Amazon Echo. Judging from history, this closed off company will have to open up Siri to more third-party apps to improve its capabilities.


The split screen multi-user support upgrade that came with the iOS9 features opened doors to unlimited possibilities, however, fans still don’t have the multi-touch support. This could be the moment we have all been waiting for. Android users have enjoyed this feature for a while apple users are solely missing out. Touch ID has worked very well and with high accuracy for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. However, is this too fast for its own good? The home button is what is normally used to light up the phone, but in the process, all your notifications vanish. Companies like HTC and LG have made their entire display screens a wake-up button by the use a simple double tap. A solution as such would solve Apple users’ problems. Another overwhelming feature we have encountered recently was the 3D touch. Apple has done a splendid job by creating opaque menus into view, allowing you to still keep the app open. Rumors have it that Apple may get rid of the home button and have an onscreen one that uses 3D touch. It’s not popular, but who’s not to say it won’t happen?

June the 13th

All we can do now is wait. With less than four days to go, we hope that the iOS10 will marvel us with its reveal and not leave us wondering where the upgrade is. Apple users and fans deserve only the best, but for now, patience will have to do. Brace yourselves, June the 13th is just around the corner.


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