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The importance of a dedicated development team


Why do you need a dedicated development team?

Outsourcing IT as a market was worth66.5 billion in 2019. There is no denying that offshoring your software development has gained significant popularity in recent years. Not only is their business booming, but an increasing number of businesses have begun building their own dedicated developed teams worldwide with a focus on Eastern Europe and Asia. 

For some clients, the most obvious benefit of using a dedicated development model for their team is the cost. We will cover this benefit in more depth soon. However, there are other factors to consider before considering outsourcing software development as well. In this article, we will highlight the significance of a dedicated development team.


But first — what is a dedicated development team?


A dedicated team is one that commits all of its effort and time to its client’s project exclusively. An outsourcing company can approach such a team comprising of a group of software developers, designers, QA engineers, project managers, and other IT specialists with the goal of collaborating on a specific project. Based on the tech stack, the experience within certain domains, and the skill levels of team members, the outsourcing company will create a dedicated development team with the number and quality that fits the current project.

1.Economic viability

One of the core advantages of choosing a dedicated development team is cost-efficiency. The flip side would be gathering and creating an in-house team. Let’s address the elephant in the room: why is the latter more expensive? When creating a development team in-house, one must consider all of the administrative processes at play, and then go on a hunt to find experts for each of these processes. 


Not only will this process take a lot of effort and time, but recruiting local talent individually comes out to be heavier on your budget. As an alternative, selecting a dedicated team model can be a more viable solution for you. The team is already built to work well together, and each of the areas of your project can be managed under one roof. When you leave out the administrative work to the company you are outsourcing your work to, you get more time, energy, and funds to focus on other aspects of your business.


2. Focused Work


By choosing a dedicated development team, you get a focused and agile approach to your project. This means there will be no distractions, and the team will be at your disposal completely. With focus, you get adaptability. In case there are changes to your project in the middle of the cycle, the dedicated development team can help you reconfigure this at any stage of your project as per your needs and requirements. You can also ensure that your project will be delivered at the rate you expect without any unforeseen delays. 


3. Quick Development Cycle


Another advantage of the model of dedicated development teams is speed. Not only is the team efficient among one another, but because of the collaboration between the team members and the client, you can expect your project to get completed at a higher pace. To add to this, the project you are working on can also be adjusted to its changing goals without skipping a beat. This collaborative model is ideal for projects in need of constant evolution as per market trends and changing technologies. 


4. Collaboration-oriented


A huge challenge with outsourcing is the potential lack of collaboration that can occur between the development team and the client. Within the dedicated team model, the client gets to interact with the dedicated team directly. This can aid in making the planning and developmental stages much more efficient. To add to this, a good software development team will use an agile approach whose foundation is constant collaboration at every stage of the process. Hence, you get the perks of an in-house group, but with professionals at your disposal in the form of an economically viable team. 


5. Continuous Integration


Your project needs to evolve and adapt to new challenges to survive long-term. As an example, today, it is especially important for a B2C eCommerce platform to involve UX as one of the key factors to generate more conversions but this was not as important ten years ago when eCommerce was just bubbling up. Having a dedicated team at your disposal is highly effective in helping your projects grow and evolve. You need not scale up the team, or set up a different one to support your project’s new laterals.


Instead, you simply need to communicate your new goals to your dedicated development team, and they will handle the rest. Ultimately, the focus of such a team will be to optimize your product as much as possible. With an offshore dedicated development team, you gain access to a slew of professional software developers that deliver top-quality projects to you with a quick turnaround time. 


6. Flexible and scalable teams


When it comes to dealing with unanticipated emergencies, tight scheduling, or any other changes in the priority and scope of your project, nothing works like having team flexibility. From sudden constraints in your budget to fluctuations in the performance of the market, numerous factors can demand flexibility from your end. With a dedicated development team model, you get greater flexibility, and thereby, better control in accounting for and managing any potential changes. You get to instantly and painlessly adapt your team’s workload, optimize your team’s size, and serve new goals. You can scale your team down once your primary milestone has been met, or scale it up to accommodate more work. 



To sum up


A dedicated development team is among the best ways to fast-track your software development project. At Focaloid Technologies, you can outsource your next IT project to such teams with comprehensive cost transparency and the flexibility you need. With scalability, agility, collaboration, adaptability, and focus, you can ensure your project meets your expectations if not exceeds them when you put Focaloid Technologies to the task.


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