The Cloud in collaboration with AI

20/05/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


AI has seen a stupendous rise in recent years with its advancements impacting  all technologies in the world. And it will be the technology that industries would brace in the future.

The last few years have also seen the considerable use of professional and consumer-based usage of the cloud. ’Cloud storage’, has become a common word with the technology of cloud computing on the rise. Now how does AI affect this industry which has taken the web with a bang over the past few years?

Actually, if you look at it Cloud computing has been complimenting AI and has been enabling it to take control over the world. Much of AI has been depending on the cloud. AI has been using the cloud as a medium to deliver its services over a large network of products from assistants to the internet of Things(IoT)

The four deployment models of Cloud Computing are public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud.  Using these varied methodologies Cloud Computing provides large-scale infrastructures for high-performance computing which are dynamic and requires quick adaption to the application requements.

The Forecast

The year 2019 will see a boom in the use of cloud technology with a large number of industries capitalizing on cloud services. And the market shares of Cloud is expected to surge as high as $411 billion.

This is the forecast of cloud technology without any outside elements. But this proportion will change significantly with the incorporation of AI. With AI projected to play a significant role in the industrial spectrum in the years to come, corporates and governments have taken huge strides in investing in Cloud technology that provides the mainframe for  data storage.

The concept of automating intelligent machines has gained coin through media. From simple models to huge ones that employ Machine Learning the idea has been becoming more and more popular. This has evolved to machines where AI makes complex choices along with multitasking making them ideal platforms for a lot of verticals.

AI influencing Industries with Cloud technology

With AI influencing sectors such as Defence, manufacturing, Robotics, health care, cybersecurity and other crucial segments it will automate most of the mundane tasks here, maybe even taking up some white collar jobs. In short, AI will see great advancements leaving hardly any field untouched in the coming years.

But AI is mostly data driven, that would require enough and more of storage spaces for computation and deployment. And technologies such as Machine Learning that uses AI for facial recognition, text identification etc are high on the rise.

With more and more devices connected to the internet and volumes of data generated for processing, data storage is crucial to computing. New business processes will have many emerging requirements to process data in real time. The data generated by these new devices are sent to different clouds for processing and actions are taken on the basis of the analysis of this data.

With the benefits of both these technologies and the merging of AI and Cloud Computing becoming inevitable all the industries capitalizing on AI is set to be impacted with delivering AI code through the Cloud with both the technologies complementing each other. This will further increase the value of each exponentially in the coming years. As the cloud manages the data on the website and other platforms AI would perform the requisite functions. Smart assistants like Alexa and Siri that works with the various data analytics platforms rely on this feature to function.

In the due course of time, both AI and the cloud will function as a single framework with little or no human intervention.

SONM and fog computing are upcoming technologies that provide infrastructure for self-driving cars. It wouldn’t be long before machines would create their own scripts which would enhance their functionality by leaps and bounds and the Cloud will provide itself as the platform for this.

These are some ways in which cloud computing aids in the growth of AI. Besides AI services are being integrated into the typical cloud model that include applications from IBM, Microsoft, Google and others. It also provides an ideal platform for individual developers in making services available at a lower cost.

However, both the Cloud and AI related technologies are ruled by entirely different social and legal aspects including privacy and security. Yet the collaboration of AI and Cloud Computing holds a promising future.


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