The Best iPhone camera apps for mobile photography

24/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Say cheese! Not only is the iPhone one of the most popular gadgets in the world, but its image signal processor, which handles autofocus, face detection and noise reduction, makes it a most prevalent point-and-shoot on the market. Despite these flashy features, the iPhone barely scratches the surface of what its camera sensor can do. You need a camera that is a little more powerful and customized. That’s where a third party camera app comes in. Whether you want an all-in-one camera and editing app or just to make your controls, manual and fine grained, you will require only the best camera replacement apps.



This quickly became the to-go-to camera replacement a little over four years ago, debuting alongside the iPhone 4. With a combination of a great camera and editing properties, this app goes for just $2.99. This app got a facelift to have one tap control for locking things. It is now easier to set the focus and exposure on two different scenes at the same time, alter the shutter speeds and even switch from manual settings to auto everything.


This app is best for minimalists, striking a perfect balance between what might seem a lot and that that is less. Despite it featuring an automatic mode, this app is not built for speed. Adjust your white balance, shutter speed and even focus before taking the photo and get a preview of what the image will look like even before snapping. Not only is it dead simple, but also offers more control over focus. All this for $1.99

Visual Supply Co (VSCO)

VSCO is an app that has great respect for photography, offering a camera that focusses on classic creativity and elegance, giving photographers full control without cluttering the viewing. This app has manual control over most features such as focus, white balance and shutter speed, enabling you to use your iPhone as you would do a manual camera. This gives you the satisfaction of creativity and sophistication to your images. All these, you can get for free

ProCamera 8


This app has gone through many crafted versions, but one thing that stands out is the ability to choose between pre-set cameras that include QR scanner, night-time camera, regular, video camera and HDR camera specifically for $1.99 more. This app is not just about the toggles and sliders, it offers an experience to photographers that can turn every design into an art worthy campaign. It may take a bit of mastering, but once you are there, it’s a very straightforward interface. Enjoy all these for just $2.99.



This is a combination of manual video recording with great editor features. The ease of trimming, mixing and rearranging clips to make a video project is surprisingly simple with fast editing speeds. Not to forget it is equipped with manual controls for exposure, white balance and focus. It’s no shock if Kinomatic becomes sought after by iPhone videographers, and it only goes for $1.99.

So don’t miss on capturing a clear photo of Bigfoot, have the best and most droned camera app out there,


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