Technology to make debt collection consumer friendly and efficient

24/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


It has been several decades that the tax companies have been using two major tools in order to collect the debt. This includes telephone and the means of a letter. Moreover, the phone and the letter have been used even in the age of technological advancement. While everyone has smartphones and a Wi-Fi connection along with tools such as social media for communication, debt collection companies have largely relied on the traditional forms of collection.

While this has been a reason of comfort for many consumers, nowadays, we can easily see that debt collectors are adopting technology at a fast rate. In fact, they have now been using tools that many advocates consider to be questionable by their inherent nature.

In other words, debt collectors are modernizing their operations and debt collection procedures in order to make debt collection more efficient and consumer friendly.

These modern methods include the following:


It is very common for people to say that they have not heard the phone bell ring in case a debt collector had called. In fact, many people see their voicemail message and simply swear that no phone was ringed. Nowadays, debt collectors make use of a new technology which rules out all such excuses that include forgetting the phone in a different room or having put it on silent by mistake.

A greater number of collectors are making use of a software that allows the debt collectors to put in messages straight into the voicemail boxes of the consumers without having to make a ring. This is a tactic that removes the feeling of ambush and is widely appreciated by consumers.

There are a number of other very efficient methods, yet the method of reminding consumers via voicemails feels much less threatening to the consumer. As a result of this, consumers are likely to respond back in a timely manner. After all, many consumers get their anxiety triggered when they hear a phone bell ringing from their debt collector.


In general, consumers happen to be quite comfortable with the concept of avatars. This is because most of the consumers have spent quite a lot of time on websites creating avatars that resemble them, or hypothetical people such as in an online multiplayer gaming platform. These avatars are simply a representation of them in the virtual space.

It looks like debt collectors are also making use of a similar concept nowadays in order to make consumers feel safer and comfortable. It simply starts with an email which contains a picture of the avatar along with the link. Once a person clicks on the avatar, he is redirected to a webpage on which the avatar (who is a virtual debt collecting agent) speaks in a very friendly tone and provides instructions on how to carry out the payments.

The prime reason why many debt collectors make use of an avatar is that it saves consumers the embarrassment of dealing with actual people, making the task much easier and efficient for the consumer.



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