Start Pounding the Instagram Game with these Apps

24/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


These days Instagram is more than an app. An Instagram account is your online portfolio. People judge you based on your online presence as an artist, photographer, or chef and so on. So, how do you make sure that it will portray the best presentation of your work?

Since Instagram is now approaching towards algorithmic feed, creating photos that gives you an edge over others has become crucial. After all, creating a compelling profile and getting more followers and likes means you have to put effort into it. For this, you can't rely on Instagram built-in filters and features. Instead, opt for third-party apps. They are robust, comes with many tools and precision so you can make the most out of your online presence.

You can start crushing the Instagram game with these apps:

BLACK and Camera Noir
This app is designed to deliver the highest quality black and white photos. Apart from creating Noir-style photos with Instagram’s built-in B&W filter Inkwell, you can use this solid iOS-only app, BLACK. It is intuitive and allows many advanced editing. Though, you have to pay to access these. Camera Noir is another app that's designed to take new pictures, edit previously taken ones and serve quite well.

Looking for an app that can alter images with far more precision? If you want to stand out with every selfie, FaceTune is highly recommended app to smooth enlarged pores, to whiten the teeth and to nip your waist. Also, this app is wildly popular with celebrities.

Hyperlapse and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
While time-lapse videos fascinate everyone these days, not every camera can shoot a smooth and stable time-lapse video. Hyperlapse is the best iOS-only app that gives spectacular results. Even, the app allows shooting first person videos and stabilizes the video as well. Finally, what you get is a steadicam-style shot which looks like it was captured with a specialist gear.

Hypno and Boomerang
Boomerang is a simple app by Instagram which you can also use to create mini videos that loop back and forth and then share them with your friends. It can be used to make high resolution looping videos. Users can opt for Hypno formerly known as Phhhoto for shooting GIFs, and short looping videos.

Giphy Cam and Enlight
Instagram is not limited to only sunsets, selfies and symmetrical structures. You can add more to it using apps like Giphy Cam. By letting you create silly and weird posts, the app works by combining video and images with canned GIF animations into a new shareable GIF. Giphy Cam makes it all very simple and easy. On the other hand, Enlight is an image-editing app which cost around $3.99. In 2015, Apple claimed it as one of the best all-in-one photo editor app to use.

Afterlight 2, Snapseed and VSCO
Equipped with numerous features, Afterlight 2 is robust photo-editing software. Being a versatile app, it works well to capture candid and portrait shots.

Google Snapseed provides wide selection of editing tools. One of their exceptionally great feature is its High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing.

VSCO is a photography app. It has plenty of filters and tools that are needed to enhance your image. This app will help you shoot and edit. Plus, you can get the most out of photos by sharing on their thriving community of other VSCO users.


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