PUBG ban request from J&K

20/05/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


PUBG which is an online multiplayer Royale game has managed to acquire immense popularity among the youngsters throughout the world. You will often spot kids indulging in the game on their phones at all times. While there is no denying that the game is a lot of fun, it can be a bit harmful too which is why a request for banning the game has been extended from J&K.  Are you wondering what led to this ban request? The results of board exams were recently announced, and they have been below par.

Owing to the poor results of 10th and 12th boards, J&K Students Association has requested the state government to impose a ban on the game, effective immediately.

Request for ban
The stance maintained by the association is that the game has the potential to destroy the future of the students and the teachers and parents are gravely concerned about the effect of the game on the students. As per them, the game is addictive. They have even compared to this to the addiction to drugs. According to the association, like drugs dooms life, so can the game.

The Pristine Kashmir deputy chairman Raqif Makhdoomi has reportedly expressed disappointment at the delay in action. As per him, the game should have been immediately banned following the results of boards which reflected poor results, but so far no step has been taken in this regard.

A matter of concern is that this is not the first time that the game has shown problems in the region of J&K. Earlier,  a fitness trainer had become deeply addicted to the game, so much so that he started hurting himself following a game. Ultimately, he had to be hospitalized and according to his doctors, is unstable at the moment with partial loss of mental balance. Thus, the concerns of the association cannot be dismissed without proper reflection. Steps need to be taken to deal with the issue immediately.

PUBG has risen to become a topic of debate in various regions. Indeed, in a private engineering university hostel in Tamil Nadu, the game has already been banned. They have attributed the banning to the aggressive and addictive nature of the game. They have strict rules against playing the game, and anyone found guilty of the act is penalized.

Proper steps required
Mobile games, like PUBG, are a great deal of fun. They make passing time easy. However, such games can also be very addictive and leave an impression on our minds. Thus, it is essential that some steps are taken to make sure that things do not go out of hand. No one would like the idea of futures being destroyed owing to a simple mobile game.

The story, in a first glance, might seem incredulous to some. However, when you dig deeper, you realize that the problem is much bigger than what some might have thought. There needs to be some check and restrictions with regards to the game so that it remains a source of enjoyment and does not end up being as deadly as drugs.


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