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24/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Over the years photography has taken a toll over
this current generation.

Editing has been a trend in the recent years, as taking an ordinary photo is just not enough. For iOS users, you have probably enjoyed this app and its effects. Well, Android users prepare to be amazed! This fantastic app was in Beta on Android and then transitioned to a non-functional state before, and is now on Playstore.

What is Prisma?

This app is pretty basic, and can turn your photos into paintings! How cool is that?

The Prisma app applies a series of artistic filters to photos and allows you to share on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. After all, what’s the point of a gorgeous photo, if you aren’t going to share for likes? It’s like an unspoken code for the social existence. However, this Android version is only available on Android 4.1 and up. The first thing that probably comes to mind is the fact that there are about a hundred other platforms to get a great filter, with the likes of Instagram still out there.


Well, brace yourself. The filters that Prisma offers are wider and far more extensive as compared to its competitors, posing its users with dramatic and expressionist effects.


Do I have your attention now?

This app makes your images look like paintings, not just any painting. What makes it so special is its ability to use famous styles from artists like Picasso and Munk, paired up with universal patterns and ornaments to give you the unique selfie you’ve always desired. That’s according to the google play geniuses. However, be careful when scoping and perusing through google play. This is new to the store and you are likely to find several dozen knockoffs. I assure you, you don’t want those on your phone.

For a fact, Prisma is far from being the first app to attempt to make your photos look like they are painted by Da Vinci or drawn Diego Fazio. The plus side of this app is that it uses artificial intelligence to make these images look more real like an artist could have done that, and not simple algorithms. For those who have used it, they can testify to the quality of the final product. In many cases, it is hard to believe the final product was created using semi-automatic digital tools. This app might even be considered the future or link to the video and virtual reality. Despite it being young, Prisma is already being used to create amazing videos, by splitting frames and running them individually through the Prisma app.

As an example, you can check out a musician called Junk-E- Cat. How is this possible? Well, this app does not just apply filters to an image like Instagram would. It rebuilds your photos by combining another’s image style. Typically in this app, that is an artist’s signature look!

The Two Sides Of The Prisma Coin

Yes, Prisma popularity has superseded itself. With over 400 million edited pictures and 10 million installs, this app is doing pretty well in the tech world. However, a coin has two faces, and Prisma’s ugly face has to be seen.

With these many downloads, comes many shortcomings:

  • Many people have complained about the App’s unresponsiveness.
  • What users may not know is that this app has particular processors that are cloud-based. With millions of users, servers tend to get overloaded, causing a hanging effect. This is a huge forecasted problem. How will Prisma take on the Android platform, without acceding to popularity pressure?

But wash your worries away with the impressive styles and aesthetic complexity. Daily developments are being done on the app to keep it picture perfect.

Some of which may involve:

  • Deleting the least popular styles to pave the way for ‘cool’ new ones. So some people might not experience the introductory features. Don’t be sad, cause trust me, you would rather have a gamut of high-quality filters.
  • Plus, Prisma gets to cut off the extra weight. Sure, you won’t relate to those with ‘started-from- the-bottom’ posts, but you also won’t have uncool ‘artwork’. It’s a win-win situation.

My Privacy

Like a lot of free, d-based services and apps, Prisma collects a substantial amount of data about you. From this data, it anonymizes and shares it with third-party advertising and marketing companies for a better target of ads. As of now, you need not be concerned about the ads as it’s still pretty basic.

However, you might notice the model has a couple of sponsored filters. For those who bother to read, Prisma’s Privacy Policy specifies where and whom will use the information from your device, i.e. third-party advertisers and affiliates. However, it’s always better to keep note of the specifics, despite the fact that Prisma’s privacy policy and its terms are still simple.

How Does Prisma Work?

This is probably the easiest app to use.

Once you open it, you’ll see a shutter button. Locate the object you intend to photograph, note that higher the contrast, better the editing. From there, just a simple tap on the shutter, and a choice from the horizontal list of filters. You might note that there is always a Prisma logo at the bottom right, which can be easily turned off from the default settings.

All in All

Using Prisma is like breathing. This app was designed to be pretty low-effort.

Prisma can function as its own basic camera or can be used to import photos from the gallery, prior to edits.

It’s still a new app and therefore has no in-app purchases. Despite all the complaints flying around, this android app has a great and favorable rating on Play Store. To all the other photo-filter apps, look out. This app is as serious threat to any other on the mobile platform.

On an overall basis, I like the app. It’s like an Instagram throwback. (ITB) I guess.

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