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Best Practices to know before hiring a PHP developer


Best Practices to know before hiring a PHP developer

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor developers are continuously growing in stature among most tech-backed businesses today. PHP developers are program developers who are proficient in designing, testing, and implementing software based on the hypertext preprocessor or PHP coding language. PHP is a dynamic open-source, server-based programming language used for scripting software products.


Being an all-purpose language, PHP can be used to develop a myriad of products including Graphic User Interfaces or GUIs and end-user interfaces. It is an open-source general language for scripting code compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, IBM I, Linux, all Unix Platforms, and OpenVMS, and it can also leverage servers such as Apache and IIS. That is why tech companies are always on the lookout to hire PHP developers.


In this article, we shall discuss in detail some indispensable requirements you should consider before you hire PHP developers for your company.


Things to keep in mind if you want to hire PHP developers


These are a few of the best practices to bear in mind while you hire PHP developers for your business:

Understand the Needs of your project 


The first thing you need to keep in mind before you hire PHP developers is the primary requirement of the project your organization is working on. Only when you know everything about your project you’ll be able to decide whether you need a core developer or a client-side developer for your product. Depending on your project’s specific content management framework exigencies, you’ll have to figure out whether the PHP developer you want to hire should be proficient in WordPress, Zoomla, Drupal, or Magneto alongside PHP as well.


If you set clearly defined objectives you want as the outcome of your project it will be much easier to understand what skills you’re looking for as you plan to hire a PHP developer for your software product. Articulate the desired goals so that you know what kind of PHP developer you need to recruit for your organization. The more extensive and detailed you’re explanation of your project is, the easier it will be for your Human Resource recruiter to hire a PHP developer for your business and for the PHP developer to understand the kind of programming architecture the software product needs.

Know the Experience of the Developer


Gauging the maturity and experience level of the developer is a must when you’re planning to hire PHP developers for your business projects. The PHP developer should have enough experience to cater to the specifics of your software project and also some domain expertise. It is advisable to hire a PHP developer with a minimum of five years of experience in the industry for projects that need to be built from scratch. They must also have a thorough understanding of your industry and business vision.


You could go through previous case studies, client testimonials, customer reviews, and everything else you can lay your hands on to know the credibility of the PHP developer you’re bout to hire. The best practice is to hire a PHP developer who has prolonged experience working on a wide variety of projects, including ones similar to your business’s, allowing the PHP developer to leverage the confluence of a myriad of experiences and conceive innovative ideas for specifically your business. The experience of a PHP developer has a direct impact on the turnaround time and efficiency of the end product.


Technical Skills and Certifications of the Developer


You would want to hire PHP developers who have versatile programming skills and extensive technical knowledge PHP related domains. Thus you must assess their coding skills before hiring PHP developers. A developer who is proficient in multiple programming environments such as Python, XML, JavaScript, MySQL, C++, AJAX, HTML, and so on can provide you with multiferous benefits when it comes to software or web development. Besides, there are numerous other advantages put on the table when it comes to dealing with a diverse array of projects in the long run.

Moreover, Certifications reinforce your trust in the technical skills of the PHP developer you’re hiring because it is being validated by credible organizations. Accreditations, certifications, acknowledgment of skill sets, and recommendations from trustworthy names in the industry also guide businesses on the screening process to hire PHP developers. These act as a testimony to the technical dexterity of the PHP developer. 


Communication Skills of the Developer


Creating a technological product is a thoroughly collaborative process that requires transparency and sharpened articulation skills for all stakeholders to communicate milestones and issues effectively. Therefore you must test the communication skills of the candidate before you hire PHP developers for your business, especially if you’re planning to get an offshore PHP development team on board. In this respect, it is also imperative that the PHP developer be fluent in the language of your choice so that there can be seamless communication for the immaculate execution of instructions and fast conveyance of concerns regarding the project.


You must keep in mind that the need might arise for your PHP developer to communicate with clients and not just in-house employees. Hence, good communication skills and sharp articulative acumen are paramount to check for before you hire a PHP developer for your company.  You should let the developer know if you prefer personalized telephonic conversations or impersonal texts and emails as the staple means of communication as well.


Portfolio of the Developer


PHP Developers often have portfolios to show off the best projects they have worked on throughout their time in the industry, to demonstrate their dexterity, skill set, versatility, and most importantly coding skills and exposure. As a business, you should always go through the portfolio before you hire PHP developers. Whenever you are looking to hire PHP developers request the candidate to provide you with a developer-specific portfolio so that you can fathom the skill sets the developer you’re going to hire is bringing to the table.


This will let you know about the different technologies, tools, and languages the developers have implemented in their projects so far as well as the programming standards they follow when it comes to the development of software or web products for your business. It is one of the final levels of assessment before you hire a PHP developer for your business. So go through every case study thoroughly for a comprehensive evaluation before you hire PHP developers.


Charges of the Developer


Lastly, you must ensure that the compensation your business is paying to hire PHP developer teams doesn’t exceed your total budget estimated for the project. The top-end PHP developers in the industry would charge you relatively higher when compared to the others because of their brand name, credibility, past track record, and abilities in the industry. 


It is more cost-effective to hiring PHP developers offshore is always the cheaper way compared to employing a team of in-house developers because your expenses then become project specific. Hence draw up a shortlist and compare the price list of the services of the PHP developer services your business is considering hiring so that you can hire a PHP developer offering the services that best fit your business needs at the lowest prices.


In Conclusion


While there are several other best practices before you hire PHP developers for your business, the ones mentioned above offer a pedestal to start. Businesses in this regard should consider striking a balance between experience, cost, and time taken for the entire PHP development process. To know more, connect with a high-end IT consulting firm such as Focaloid Technologies today!


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