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19/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


The past years have been full of technological innovations and the digital revolution. The various applications and upgrades in technology have made our lives simple and tasks efficient. There are various apps for businesses, education, communication, navigation, information and what not. Innovation in technology is bringing a revolution in every sector. Along with these applications, there are some which have become a necessity as they help us in our regular day to day tasks.

This article will discuss some popular apps that help us in our day to day tasks.

This application is basically a cloud-based service which serves the purpose of taking notes. It organizes all the data and arranges it in a manner that is systematic. This app can be operated on various platforms and helps you create to-do lists and notes in different formats. The best part is that this app is free of cost for individuals who use Android.

This is an application which is very significant and useful as it helps you complete tasks and achieves targets on due time. This app has a calendar, a to-do list, daily planner and reminders, all of this only in one app. Furthermore, this app also allows you to save tasks by entering a voice note. Not only this, you can share your to-do list with your family members and also assign tasks to each one of them. app is the best application for time management.

3. AirDroid
AirDroid is a useful application that allows you to access your smartphone with your PC. It eliminates the necessity to connect your smartphone with the PC in order to transfer data. You can also use the camera of your smartphone remotely, with using this app. In case you have a new notification, it will appear on your desktop.

4. HealthifyMe
With the busy work and life schedule, we are not able to give enough time and attention to our health. HealthifyMe helps you to take care of your fitness and health. This application is meant especially for home workouts where you could enter your weight and height after which you can set goals that you want to achieve. You can also keep a check on your daily consumption of calories.

5. SHAREit
This is a file sharing application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can easily share files on platforms supported. You can easily transfer files quickly and efficiently.  

6. Walnut
This application is the best for money management and it helps you in keeping a check on your savings and transactions. Furthermore, it tracks your pay bills and monthly spends securely. It also helps you track your ATM withdrawals, allow you to add notes, analyze your SMS and inbox and detect significant data regarding payments, tickets, and bills. This wallet is also helpful in tracking credit card dues and control over the expenses.

Therefore, the innovations in technology and the existence of hundreds of applications have been useful to the majority of people. Many companies are starting to embrace this change in order to reap the benefits.


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