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24/06/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Go Places.Go Explore.Go Plonk – the one tagline that has created buzz in Bangalore city now. Like any other metro city, Bangalore city too, is usually buzzed with long hours of traffic and noise of car honking. However seeing the chaos in various popular streets of Bangalore, two brothers – Arjun and Balram Jairaj, came up with the idea of an effective mobile solution to lighten up their childhood streets with the same space and order. Thus, Plonk happened.

Plonk is a very simple to use app and is available in Android and iOS platforms. People can become users and pay for parking as well as become suppliers of free space and earn for every parking within the space provided. Incase, you have empty space within your home or your tenants are out of station and their parking lot in your home is free for two days, you can immediately register the details of the space with Plonk. Then the team from Plonk after inspection, will approve your space and you can thus generate a revenue from your empty spaces.

Using Plonk will help you find affordable, convenient and safe parking lots in real-time. The app was developed for Plonk by Focaloid Technologies.

Key Features of “PLONK”

  • Add Vehicle: users need to create a virtual profile of their registered vehicle by filling in details like car company name, vehicle model, vehicle type and registration number. All parking transactions are done through this vehicle profile.
  • Choose Parking Lots: a list of vacant plots hired by Plonk in and around your selected location is provided and users can easily select a free parking slot in the venue in advance.
  • Favorites: enable users to save the details of parking lots within areas they frequently go. This feature help avoid the need to type and find parking lots in area where you go daily or at least once every week.
  • Parking Lot Details: provide all details about the Parking Lot you click, view and select. Details like exact venue, parking charges, etc., is clearly mentioned.
  • My Plans: displays all the previous parking pay plans of the users. The plans showcased in this would mostly be parking places visited frequently by the user and user can activate the plan according to his/her plan during the week.
  • Parking Details: provides confirmed details like parking venue, parking slot number, parking duration, rate per hour, etc.


  • Parking Exit:displays the entry and exit time, the total time parked and the total cost incurred by the user. The user can then make the payment via PayTm. net banking or Debit/Credit card. On receipt of the payment the exit screen of the user becomes green, else it turns yellow and the person owning the parking venue is prompted to collect the parking charges.


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