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Outsourcing app development? Here’s all you need to know


Outsourcing app development? Here’s all you need to know


Today, a person’s entire world fits in their pocket, with smartphones performing functions that used to be exclusive to computers and tablets. With more than 3.6 billion people employing smartphones for their daily tasks, this number is only growing and is projected to reach 4.6 billion by 2023. Along with this shift in smartphones becoming the preferred mode of work, entertainment, logistics, and other daily activities, there has also been a greater emphasis on the development of high-quality mobile apps. 


With so many companies — from banks to laundromats — vying to create a good app, you now have the option to outsource your app development to other companies. After all, mobile apps seem to be conquering nearly all spheres of our lives, so it is essential that businesses do not miss out on the opportunity to foray into app development as another area of influence. Outsourcing app development is showing itself to be a highly cost-effective method of acquiring a high-quality app that helps you expand and improve your business. So, if you’re looking to outsource app development, here is everything you need to know. 


A Definitive Guide to Outsourcing App Development


When it comes to how to select an app development company, Europe and Asia seem to be the best options for anyone looking for top tier services. But before you go ahead and choose a company, here are some steps to help you prepare. 


Step 1: Develop an outline for your project


Create a comprehensive outline of what you want the company to help you create. The clearer you are in conveying this information, the less likely there are to be any communication mishaps. Since you plan on working with app developers outside of your own company, try to answer the following questions before approaching companies:


  • What is your app’s main aim?
  • Who is your application’s target audience?
  • What features and functions do you want your app to have?
  • What kinds of problems should your app solve for its users?
  • Where do you want your app to be featured? (iOS, Android, or both)
  • How do you want to incorporate the core values of your company into your app?
  • What is an approximate estimate of your budget?


Step 2: Shortlist companies


There are three app development outsourcing models when it comes to location. There is offshore development, nearshore development, and onshore development. In 2021, it has never been clearer that remote work is as effective in today’s day and age as it could ever be. Hence, it is always viable to consider offshore app development as your location priority. When it comes to where you can find a sound app development company, Europe (Eastern), China, Ukraine, Mexico, India, and Poland are popular choices.


Step 3: Estimate the cost of development


The fastest and simplest way to calculate your approximate cost is to figure out the number of hours needed to create each feature of your app. Multiply this number by the hourly rate of the developers you have shortlisted. You can also present your project brief to each of the potential companies you plan on working with and request them to give you an estimate of the time and the cost. For those on a budget, offshoring their app development might be the best format for outsourcing. 


Step 4: Begin evaluating portfolios


With assessments of costs, and shortlisted companies under your belt, you can now evaluate portfolios to assess which companies can give you what you’re looking for. The key is to ensure that the company’s portfolio aligns with your preference and requirements. Take a look at the projects they’ve created in the past, and look into what prior clients have the say about them. Also, another great tip is to never settle for the first app development company, Europe-based or not, you come across. Instead, compare all of your options carefully. Ensure you have exhausted each possibility and opportunity, while also considering as many companies as you can. 


Step 5: Take interviews


With an even together list of companies you might want to work with, it’s time to begin interacting with them. The trick is to ask the right questions while paying attention to smaller details. Remember that when you outsource any kind of work, efficiency matters the most, including mobile app development. The focus of your interview will not only be to learn about whether the company can handle what you’re asking, but also how they communicate. 


Communication between you — the client — and the company you plan on working with will be an integral component of how fast and well your project gets completed. Right off the bat, before signing any contracts, you can gauge the communication skills of potential companies. Consider whether or not your potential partner sent you a personalised message. Gauge how well the company has understood the project you plan on potentially taking ahead with them. Find out as much additional information about each company at this stage. 


Step 6: Make it work


At this stage, you will choose a company you plan on working with. The key to making the most of this partnership is communicating regularly. Do not be shy to request any mock-ups. It is easier to make changes or corrections in the beginning stages of the project than it is later when you are well past the development stage. The more you ask, the more comfortable you will be giving feedback and requesting more information. The end result of this will be a project that you and the app development company you are working with will be happy about. 


To sum up


There are multiple stages to outsourcing a project well, but each of them is simple to follow. Start by creating an outline of your project, assess the location, type, and rates of companies you plan to work with, analyse portfolios and conduct interviews, and then make your choice. With our dedicated teams, agile focus, and diverse portfolio, Focaloid Technologies is a great partner to help you develop your next app.


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