Open-Source codes are the new IoT solutions

24/06/2024 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


Internet of Things or IoT gained a lot of popularity these days because of its benefits to many businesses around the world. Some of the great minds behind tech development have gathered to develop open source codes in order to accelerate IoT’s growth in the industry.

  • The main thing about the open source is that it is a group of people who have similar ideas. They banded together to share these ideas, creativities, codes, and best practices with one another. They came up with a IoT of great software solutions that might not be possible if only an individual is working on his own.
  • The concept of open source is that people will brainstorm together their ideas and troubleshoot problems easier. They will lend their efforts, provide insights according to their experiences, and lend their inputs when it comes to a fresh problem. This is the vision inspired by the open-source code model that is rampant on the internet.

The one and only Nasdaq were able to say with confidence that through the open-source model, some of the businesses can increase their innovations in no time. If they are able to solve incoming problems that come their way, many companies will be able to operate at lower costs, attract customers, develop products, and increase their contribution to the world for the greater good. The year 2018 was a great year for open-source gatherings, and it looks like that 2019 can attract more techs and people with stronger problem-solving skills.

Some of the examples that kicked off from 2018 were America Makes. This has been funded with the help of the award that GE Global Research and the project received a whopping $2.6 million. This aims to attract plenty of developers who can provide a research platform that aims to promote the open-source code as well as create a multi-laser manufacturing machine in the process.

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Some say that the project “America Makes” will be the answer to the US Air Forces needs and other critical and immediate requirements of the Defense Industry. This is a great example of how a lot of people who aim to finish a single goal come together and solve the problems of the world.

When it comes to investments, Microsoft has acquired GitHub in order to be able to make the OpenChain Project. This particular project aims to make every license compliance more consistent and simple. Uber, Google, and Facebook also joined the OpenChain Project in order to make a better future.

These big companies must trust each other in order to be successful. This is the secret recipe of the open source program. Trust can be achieved if there are certain standards that are met by the companies.

These open source projects are being threatened that someone might abandon them in the long run because it might cost too much. However, a lot of people would agree that multiple minds are better than one. Only time will tell if this will still be true in the long run.


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