NASA’s InSight mission

23/07/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


NASA's InSight mission launched on the 5th of May this year has been traveling in space ever since. After more than six months it is now expected to enter Mars on November 26, 2018. In an official statement released by NASA, it is has stated that it is planning to involve the general public through a live streaming of the landing event on its website and other relevant social media platform.

And probably it is the first time in a decade since NASA has live streamed its Martian landings. It has always tried to keep its Mars landings a closed affair by not showing them often. Hence showcasing this event seems to be a special affair.

After the spacecraft lands, NASA will perform some preliminary tests to ensure that it has landed down safely. It will later deploy its folded solar array to begin collecting power for its future scientific operations.

Among the many tasks set before InSight are drilling into the planet, to investigate the internal temperature, utilizing onboard radios, study tectonic activities and to study whether Mars exhibit quakes.

It would be a breath-taking experience to watch the spacecraft land on Mars but even more stunning would be to see what scientific discoveries it will have in store for us.


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