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Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions: How can business intelligence be improved?


Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions: How can business intelligence be improved?


Businesses of today use big data and analytics to make timely decisions and guide their business to the next level. The data storage capacity of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have grown in tandem with their usage. Business houses – small, medium and large are using mobile apps such as SaaS for their critical business process. This means businesses are in possession of big data and analytics that are needed to make data-driven decisions at the right time and place from anywhere and at any time. To make timely decisions and boost the productivity of a business Mobile Business Intelligence Solution is very much needed.


What is Mobiles Business Solutions


Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions (MBI) or mobile analytics is a software that has the ability to analyse complex business data known as big data on any handheld device such as tablets or smartphones from anywhere at any time. MBI solutions allow the users to perform all the relevant tasks that they were able to do from their desktops on handheld devices. As in  desktop, the business metric dashboard and Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) are also clearly displayed in mobile devices.


Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions can be categorised into three depending on their delivery.



  1. Native Applications – The MBI solutions are custom-built for specific mobile operating systems.
  2. Web-based Solutions – MBI Solutions are developed using Web-technologies and are optimized for  smartphone and tablet touch screens, and can be accessed through mobile web browsers.
  3. Hybrid SolutionsData analytics solutions that deliver content inside a native application container and function similar to Web-based versions.


Importance of using Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions



  • Easy accessibility of company insights – MBI solutions are not  mobile device or place specific but independent tool. Accessing the real-time data from any mobile device from any location and at any time gives an insight into how the productivity of the daily operations can be improved with a few mouse clicks. This is the foremost advantage of integrating MBI solution into your business.
  • Improved decision making-MBI solutions are developed to support big data and analytics. Software allows the data including voice, video and image content to be transferred, collaborated and analyzed. Big data analysis helps in making better informed decisions without wasting any time..
  • Stay ahead in the race-When you have access to real-time big data and analytics it helps to foresee business opportunities and be proactive in making business  decisions as per the current market conditions. Deploying a Mobile Business Intelligence solution software gives a business the flexibility to stay ahead of his rival competitors.


How can Business Intelligence Solutions be improved


Buying a business intelligence solution and getting a few extra user licenses can be done easily. To benefit from your Mobile Business Intelligence investment you need to make a few improvements in such a way that the big data and analytics can help make your business future proof. Here are a few tips that you can use to improve your mobile business intelligence solutions. 



  • Remove the paradigm of role-based distribution of information

Instead of allowing access to information derived from big data and analytics to only a few senior most employees, provide access to all the employees of the Business Intelligence project team.



  • Improve your MBI Dashboard


You need to make improvements to your live dashboard of your Mobile Business Intelligence Solution software if you are not happy with the real-time data it provides at the start  and end of the day.


  • Speak to the team handling big data and analytics


Talk to your team to get the gist of their experience with the Mobile Business Intelligence software that you have integrated. Focus on the experience of those team members who specifically handle the type of data that leads to making business decisions.


  • Don’t blindly recreate the existing reports



It is not wise to recreate the existing reports more than once just because you have migrated to a new dashboard. Instead consider taking only that information that is relevant that would help you make a decision or strategise a new market plan.


  • Identify the reports that are least used



Try by turning off some of the reports. If those reports are not missed, it simply means you have been generating unnecessary reports and those data was not relevant for decision making or creating a new lead.  


  • Train your big data and analytics team



Business intelligence technology tools are not difficult to use but comprehending complex big data and analysing the same is not everybody’s cup of tea. The most effective way is to train your team  on the data so that they can generate their own report and analyse the same without any external help.



  • Integrate Excel Sheets


Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions can be customized to meet the requirements of a business. Integrating tools such as Excel sheets makes it simpler to export charts, reports and analytics from the database. This will make it easier for the decision makers to visualize the data and plan the next line of business strategies accordingly.



  • Use Advanced Analytics Functionality



Mobile Business Intelligence Solution is useful to you only if you are able to convert the big data into relevant information that leads to making right decisions and strategies as per the current business scenario. Integrating and using advanced analytics features gives you the lead in understanding the market conditions, make appropriate decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.



  • Follow less is more concept



It is a fact Business Intelligence tools are able to produce multiple reports. The goal of your data analytical team should be to generate only the most relevant reports in a timely manner. This will avoid undue confusion and unnecessary usage of data warehouse.



  • Embed intelligence to daily operational process 



When Business Intelligence is integrated with the daily operational process, running your business becomes easier and efficient. This allows you to better utilize your time for other tasks.





The analytics given by your MBI solutions should be used to address the problems your business is facing. Ensure that the Mobile Business Intelligence Solution makes a difference to your business growth by exploiting its features to the maximum. Only then will you be able to say that you have improved your Business Intelligence Solutions to its fullest potential.


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