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Leading Front End Development Technologies in 2022


Leading Front-End Development Technologies in 2022

The front end is the visual part of apps and websites. It enables interaction between the user and the app/website. There are two types of frontends – static and dynamic. It is imperative that the front end has all the necessary elements such as GUI, icons, animation, and more. Visitors judge an app/site by the appearance and behavior of your front end. Today there exists a vast pool of front-end developers as well as front-end development technologies. You can choose frontend software, libraries, and frameworks as per your needs and preferences. Some technologies are free while others come at a price. Many entities provide front-end development services. It is important to be aware of the best front-end technologies before arriving at a suitable front-end development services provider

We take a look at the best front-end development tools in the market today.

  • GraphQL

This query language obtains only your exact requirements from the server. Using this technology, you can avoid irrelevant data. Facebook developed this open-source tool way back in 2012.

  • Headless CMS

Headless CMS refers to a CMS with only a back end. We are now experiencing rising use of CMS (Content Management System) software. Note that numerous headless CMS applications exist today. For instance, Contentstack and GraphCMS are popular.

  • Remix

This is a useful and powerful React framework that fetches relevant data from the backend. Ideal for slick and resilient front ends.

  • Tailwind

Thanks to this CSS framework you can conveniently develop styles as well as modify them at any point in time. The framework is simple to master and speeds up the frontend development task. A major pro of Tailwind is the ease of customizability. 

  • Three.js

This is a popular and potent JavaScript library. It helps craft visually appealing 3D web graphics as well as fluid animations.

  • Monorepo

This technology enables users to have a sole repository to store software code for different projects at one time. Industry majors such as Uber, Google, and Facebook are users of this valuable technology. Pros include clarity and superior collaboration among front-end development teams.

  • Flutter

For your information, this technology was made possible by the industry giant Google. This powerful and popular open-source network is primarily used to churn out native mobile apps. The technology is instrumental in bringing down the code development time. It boasts a number of customizable and readily usable widgets.

  • React Native

You can leverage this robust framework to develop apps for both Android and iOS. It helps coders to develop apps that resemble the appearance and behavior of native apps. By the way, this technology enjoys sizable community support. Plus, additional features are introduced on a regular basis.

  • Gatsby

This technology makes use of elements from GraphQL and React. The useful framework facilitates the development of rapid as well as responsive user interfaces.

  • TypeScript

Most Front-end developers are likely to know that JavaScript is not fully reliable in the case of types. Whenever there is a flaw with variable types this application gives a warning. For your information TypeScript is fast becoming an integral part of contemporary front-end coding as it expertly fixes JavaScript’s type-related issues and gives additional stability to the software deliverables.

This is a superset of JS and belongs to Microsoft. Apps crafted using this tool offer considerable ease of flexibility and demonstrate quick response. Did you know that it is designed for building large-sized applications? It functions seamlessly across different devices and browsers. For your information, Accenture and Qualcomm are some of the users of this powerful technology.

  • Next

This technology helps with SEO and churning out extremely fast sites. It is a powerful framework that ensures superior performance of website pages.

  • Vue

This JavaScript framework is a quality competitor of React as well as Angular. Thanks to this technology you can churn out stellar user interfaces. A standout benefit of Vue is that it is extremely lightweight. 

  • Angular

This is a technology becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. Many clients want it to be used in their front-end development processes. Angular stands out for its inherent modularity and efficient component-based methodology. There is great market awareness about the advantages of leveraging this powerful and established technology.

  • React

This popular library is backed by a large community of coders. Incidentally, Facebook developed it with the purpose of enhancing the speed as well as scalability of interfaces. Note that this open-source library simplifies the development of both web applications and web pages. BBC and New York Times use React for their needs. 

  • JavaScript

This frontend technology remains useful, important, and widely used even today. It is designed to make apps and websites highly interactive. No matter the purpose and size of the frontend development this programming language will help achieve your goal completely and in all respects.

  • CSS

The full form is Cascading Style Sheets. This technology is a pillar of front-end development. CSS makes your front end look elegant and responsive. Do ask potential front-end development services providers how they will leverage CSS to churn out stunning and extremely navigable frontends.

  • HTML

The full form is HyperText Markup Language. Although an old technology, it is relevant even today. It is used to build the skeleton of your app or website. It offers visual elements such as buttons, forms, and others needed to have a full-fledged app or website.

  • Sencha Ext JS

This is a sturdy and vast JavaScript framework. It is ideal to make quality apps on touch-enabled devices. The technology boasts customizable UI (User Interface) widgets and numerous useful user extensions provided by the Sencha community. Sencha is ideal for crafting cross-platform solutions for different kinds of devices.

  • Backbone.js

Jeremy Ashkenas came up with this technology in 2010. This useful JavaScript library is designed to create stellar single-page applications. Cutting-edge technology is used by LinkedIn and Walmart. One pro of this library is that it is lightweight. Also, it is beneficial in the scenario of excessive code.

  • Grunt

This technology automates repetitive tasks with the minimum effort expended. Pros include extreme flexibility, lesser errors, and widespread acceptance. The tool is a recognized JavaScript task runner equipped with a command-line interface. Adobe and Twitter are among those who leverage this state-of-the-art tool.

  • Elm

This elegant programming language makes rewriting easy and convenient for developers. The pros of using Elm are superior website performance. It is perceived to be a stellar programming language by many. The ecosystem is admired and hence popular. The technology aces the competition when benchmarked on critical parameters such as utilization and robustness. To your knowledge Mind Gym is a leading patron of Elm.

  • Meteor

This JavaScript framework enjoys the reputation of being a stellar front-end development tool. Funding is not a problem for this platform. Pros are that it’s open source and considered a full stack solution. Leveraging Meteor, developers can significantly speed up the front-end development effort. This property is critical in case of tight deadlines. The advantage of this platform is that it offers ease of integration with contemporary frameworks. IKEA and Honeywell use this powerful and robust platform.

  • Ionic

This is a completely free and open-source established front-end technology. Ionic makes use of powerful plug-ins including Cordova and Capacitor. The former is used to churn out high-quality hybrid apps. Ideal for crafting minimal and elegant user interfaces. Accenture and Diesel are prominent users of this exciting and relevant technology.

How to Choose a Front-End Development Services Company

There are many companies offering front-end development services. They all claim to be competent and affordable. You need to create a process to select the right entity offering front-end development services. Look at the experience in the number of years that the firms offering front-end development services. Reject those with zero or insufficient experience as per your requirement. How much is the staff strength of the entities providing front-end development services? Be wary of small firms as they may not have the capability to meet your needs. Very large firms have other clients. So, they may not treat your work with as much seriousness as you expect. Go through the section of front-end development services as given on outsourcing firms’ websites. Are their front-end development services exhaustive enough to fully meet your needs? Do they have a mature process of delivering front-end development services? Do they have expertise in the latest and relevant front-end development technologies? What rates are they charging for providing front-end development services? Can you afford them without breaking your budget? What is their track record in front-end development services? Ask for updated contact details of past clients. Contact the latter and ask if the quality of work was satisfactory, deadlines were met, the budget was not exceeded, and whether the firm provided reliable after-sales service.

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