When You Sleep While Driving | Microsleep : Things To Know

23/07/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


When You Sleep While Driving: Things To Know

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is known for providing innovative solutions to difficult problems. Today, we’ll be looking at how glasses from French company Ellcie can help recognize when you are sleeping. We’ll also look at some of the benefits of this emerging technology. One of the biggest applications of this technology is recognizing microsleep while driving.


What is microsleep and why is it so dangerous?


Microsleep occurs when someone has a short burst of sleep, usually only for a few seconds. During this time, they lose contact with the world around them. The most concerning part is that most people don’t realize when they have just had a microsleep. This condition usually has to do with poor sleeping patterns, such as insomnia. They are most common when performing a monotonous task and can be highly dangerous. For example, a truck driver might not notice an oncoming car because of microsleep. Another example might be a pilot not seeing flashing warning lights because they were in a microsleep. Now that we know the dangers of microsleep, let’s look at how glasses might be able to help prevent microsleep.


Ellcie’s Glasses for Microsleep


Glasses from Ellcie might be an effective way of reducing the number of accidents caused by microsleep. These glasses work by measuring how alert you are. Signs like frequent yawning, an increased number of head nods and more blinking might be indicators that you are becoming less alert. When the glasses detect these signals, they send you a message. This will allow you to take action to reduce the chances of a microsleep occurring. These actions might include having a drink of coffee, going for a walk or even having a nap. By allowing you to detect the signals of microsleep early, and take action, it is less likely that you will experience microsleep. However, there are some other ways that this technology might be able to make a positive difference.


The same signals that the glasses are trained to detect might also be signs of other potentially dangerous situations. For example, the glasses might also be able to tell if an elderly person has had a fall and send a message for help. Additionally, this is only a relatively new technology. That means it will be further researched and improved in the future. This includes making sensors more effective and letting the glasses pick up on more potential signals. The glasses are currently only available in France, where the company that produces them is based. However, it is likely that they will slowly become available to people around the world.


Picking up on the signs of microsleep can be very difficult. However, ignoring potential warning signs could be incredibly dangerous, putting you at an increased risk of injuries. Thankfully, wearable technology might provide a simple solution. Your glasses may be able to provide a warning by detecting the signals of drowsiness. This wearable technology is a great example of how devices might be able to make us safer and healthier.

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