Is Intelligent Automation the Future of Work?

19/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


Automation has enormously changed our lives. But as today’s automation processes continue to rise, the combination of automation and artificial intelligence is heralding a new era.

A New Era of Radical Technological and Economic Change

In intelligent automation, automation marries Artificial Intelligence (AI). As technologies continue to progress substantially, machines have also achieved profound levels with improvements in sensors and intensely incredible analytics and computing power. Given how fast machines can learn all these technologies the more autonomous and reliable they’ll become in the future.

Intelligent automation is helping businesses develop more customized products and services, reduce costs, fine-tune and speed-up operations and enhance efficiency. As such machine learning is slated to create a profound change in technology and the world economy.

Applications in intelligent automation have raised the standards of efficiency, functionality, quality, and speed. Investors are clearly seeing all these potentials in machine learning. As business organizations continue to look for ways to gain an edge from their competitors, a lot of businesses have already allotted their resources in robotics and AI technologies. This has also paved the way for the new era in innovation and productivity.

  • Back Office

In the coming years, almost every task in the back office will be automated. Smart applications can help take the burden out of humans from doing back-office jobs that are usually repetitive in nature and are also considerably costly for many organizations. Tasks such as scheduling, loan application, and processing, clearances and record maintenance among others will be streamlined as these tasks will be delegated to smart machines instead of manual laboring.

  • Financial Services

Unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and timely solutions are the promises of automation technology. Financial industry can benefit from real-time data, enhanced security and fraud protection and intelligent analytics that advanced machines can offer.

  • Healthcare

Automation is bringing a paradigm shift in our healthcare system leading into more powerful, less evasive and efficient health services. From time to time we see different innovations that can help doctors diagnose and treat various medical conditions more accurately. AI tools and techniques have sent vast waves in the healthcare industry providing a significant advantage in terms of medical care needed especially in cancer treatment, neurology, and cardiology.

  • Industrial

AI techniques are becoming more common in a variety of fields in the industry. AI brings about smart technologies that optimize industrial operations that it no longer will be surprising to see them taking over the majority of industrial-related jobs with little or no human interventions. Machine learning can offer major advantages in the industrial fields with an emphasis on greater productivity, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

  • Insurance

As the insurance market embrace intelligent automation they are positioned to revolutionize the sector and change the way they deliver service to their customers forever. AI will help the insurance sector develop a more strategic approach to their processes, especially when handling massive amounts of data which in turn will result in better customer experience.

  • Transportation

Tech-driven shifts in transportation will immensely change the way people will navigate the roadways. Autonomous cars are on the verge of developments which are designed to eliminate road accidents and make transportation more convenient for commuters and drivers alike.


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