IoT meets Robotics

19/06/2024 20mins
Anish Prakash


The purpose of our technological advance is to make our daily lives easier. And even though our quality of life has improved dramatically through this adamants, it seems that the progress is just starting to pick up pace with the new and emerging technologies that are becoming widely available. Internet of things and robotics are bound to change the landscape of our lives into something new and better. Not only can and are they used in the industrial marketplace, but they also provide a potential for unparalleled control and comfort at our living spaces. While the idea of robotics has been popular from the first half of last century and its use has revolutionised the manufacturing factories all over the world, the integration of internet of things with them will provide us with new possibilities and advances. More often referred to as IoT, this simple, but the ground-breaking idea has been in the minds of tech giants and entrepreneurs for decades now.

In short, IoT is a mean of connecting different types of technologies to each other and the internet. This way these technologies are not only gathering information about their surroundings and themselves, but also transferring that information to cloud-based systems. You can have hundreds and thousands low tech appliances gathering the information all over the world and you can access them by making a few clicks.

Bringing IoT and Robotics together

One of the biggest issues in robotics is the maintenance of technology. Depending on the type of machinery, its failure can lead to either a short-term loss of production or catastrophic results for the new business. Even though most of them come with a recommended maintenance cycles, it can still vary depending on the fault of the model or the working environments wearing it out. Running the maintenance once in a fixed amount of time will not guarantee that you are safeguarded from the shutdown. This is when the Internet of things comes into play. With increasingly cheap and available sensors you can make your robots monitor themselves or even each other. They will constantly gather information about their performance and notify about the results instantly. After analysing the data, you will know how the machinery performs and when the maintenance operations are due. By having this data, you can fix the problem before it reaches a critical point and saves a huge sum of money on maintenance fees.


With the integration of robotic and IoT comes the new age of progress. You can imagine a massive amount of robots working in the production line. Their constant and tireless work never interrupted by shutdowns, because they constantly monitor each other and their working conditions.

The system seems so complex, but in the end it will result into an easily digested information on your screen in the form of charts. The massive amount of the savings that will result from this can be invested in further developing the industry and advancing the field of both robotics and IoT.


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