IoT in 2018

13/07/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Stanley Kubrick’s last ever project in his life was AI. A movie on Artificial Intelligence, hence the title. He envisioned a future where robots did not rule, but helped human to rule better and more efficient. His dream was that in 2050, the world would be so. People thought he was out of his mind because in 1999 when the movie was made, it was hard to believe that in the next 51 years, all that he dreamt about could be achieved. A critic was quoted saying “The movie would have been better if they at least mentioned the year right, say 2100 or 2200”. Little did he know he would have been made to eat his words, stewed and curried, if he was around here in 2016.

17 years on since the movie came out, and technological advancements have baffled us all time and again. From when a 4 MB floppy disk was enough to mesmerize us, cut to now when the DaVince Machine can perform 9 invasive surgeries at once under a doctor’s arbitrary involvement. Shocking in that broad understanding.

But not to digress, let us get back to the belle of the ball. IoT or Internet of Things. What thing could it be?

It is a broad classification of different entities, machines, networks and even humans that comprise of the entire Internet. All these miniscule elements come together to form this propaganda of sorts called the Internet of Things.

More like a chain of command, Human code the information and that is processed by the machine, uploaded to servers and uplinks and shared on the common front called the World Wide Web(www). This is just a simple approach to what IoT is and can possibly become. Even buildings where servers and uplinks are stored and cooled come under the concept of IoT. IoT is more like a theorem in the working of the internet, rather superseding it and explaining it as a brain in development. Why? Because apart from all that has been mentioned, Electronics, Advanced Softwares, Sensors and Actuators enable everything or rather connect them all to manage, store and exchange data. The Global Standard Initiative of IoT or IoT-GSI has defined IoT as The infrastructure of Information Society “

IOT Since 1999


Internet of Things was first coined in 1999 and since then, has seen rapid growth. From creation of machines to monitor heart implants and pacemakers, to helping navigation and communication, all the way to maintained Smart city projects and functioning. IoT is existent everywhere. Except the central defense system, as they work through an encrypted satellite uplink. For security reasons obviously! Also because this technological advancement is still under threat because of its poor security and constant attacks from negative elements and botnets that deny service at will call.

But, by 2020, it is estimated that the IoT will have almost 50 billion devices connected and working for it.

So now you must be wondering how on Earth is all this even remotely beneficial to us, other than being a glorified chat messenger of lag free Skype calls? Well there is much more here.

IoT in 2018


By 2018, it is expected to branch out further. With the development and implementation of biochips and transponders, its impact can be ever reaching. This is a little complicated, so read it carefully!

# Imagine the IoT is functioning in automobiles, other than a GPS, and it has sensors connected to an uplink. The IoT can process data much faster and gather information and respond quickly

Car A is found to be travelling along Highway 52 and Car B also, but in the opposite directions. The sensors collect information such as speed, velocity, braking efficiency and braking power. If data collected can show and respond to warn the drivers, on a collision course, accidents can be prevented. Imagine the reduction in the number of road accidents if IoT, through information gathering and processing, can prevent. In India alone 1 lakh people die a year due to road accidents.

Its uses can branch further and be more efficient!

# DNA analysis devices for food and pathogen monitoring and also gas sensors for pollution control

# They can be used to assist firefighters and police officers in search and rescue operations

# Military uses might not be appreciated because Security threats can be numerous if the entire Defense network comes under threat from external sources and bots. Hence, they prefer to operate from a secure source. But simpler communications for them can be achieved too. Imagine the world becoming self sustaining from information processing.

But now let’s walk across the bridge to the dark side of this brilliant concept.

The Dark Side


IoT means everything and everyone is connected to the web. This means exposure, and in a world where anti elements exists, that doesn’t seem like a bright idea after all. As the world becomes closer, the bad men find it easier.

Also, the connectivity and manipulation of data gives rise to self awareness. Stephen Hawking has time and again mentioned in his numerous books and seminars that technology is just 1’s and 0’s to everyone on a machine level. But data corruption is when the data starts to act on its own due to faulty coding resulting in confusion within the machine. Hence, a virus! But as time progresses, and as coding evolved from basics to more advanced languages, machines have become almost 60% self aware, other than human emotions, and have become prone to critical thinking and rational judgment. But a slip in coding could result in self aware machines without control and human emotions, also in machines with faulty analytical skills. We could be on the precipice or edifice of a technological race where technology could supersede us and become the more dominant force.

We’ve all seen Terminator, haven’t we. That movie was based on a theory and hunch that with the evolution of time, humans could no longer be the dominant race and computers took over. I don’t think Kaspersky will be of much help there. So, a double ended sword of sorts.

But nonetheless, technology has reached a point and is only going up. Because advancements is an aim which will stop at nothing. IoT is a thing of the past, present and it’s our future too. Let us embrace it.


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