Instagram rolls out voice messaging feature

19/06/2024 20mins
Shaibana S


It seems Instagram didn’t want 2018 to end without a bang. Just as the year was about to end, this social media platform has rolled yet another new feature that its users can enjoy – voice messaging.

Talking It Out with Instagram

Instagram has recently introduced a new communication feature to its Direct messages, which will be available on the Android and iOs platforms.

Users of the social networking service will now be able to take advantage of sending audio messages going forward after the latest update is installed.

In addition to photo and video sharing, a new microphone button has been added to the application. To use the feature, users will simply have to hold down the mic button in Instagram Direct and then record a voice message.

Instagram’s latest walkie-talkie communication feature takes a resemblance to WhatsApp’s voice messaging service. It allows its users to record audio messages that can last up to one minute long. These audio messages can be sent both in the private and group chats.

The audio messages will then appear in the recipient’s chat window as a Wav file format. The voice message will stay permanently. It does not just disappear after being listened to as opposed to Instagram Story posts that vanish 24 hours after the users posted the photos or videos. That said, the receivers can listen to the audio messages at their leisure anytime.

How to Use Instagram’s Latest Audio Message Feature

The social media platforms seem to be always on the mission to bring out different features in a bid to attract more user engagement. Instagram’s new audio messaging feature can be an important communication feature to keep users connected to their network. Here’s how you can send audio messages via Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram and start a new conversation or open an existing one.

  2. At this point, you’ll see a new icon addition, a mic button. Press and hold the microphone icon.

  3. Start recording your message. Once done, simply release the button and the message will be sent automatically to the recipient.

  4. Now, if you changed your mind or you want to re-record your message, you can slide your finger to the trash icon to delete your recorded audio message.

Over the years, voice messaging has become one of the preferred methods of communication on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Instagram may be a bit late in joining the bandwagon by bringing audio messages to Direct Messages. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company already had the voice messaging feature via its Messenger platform for several years now.

The addition of this new communication feature could be a welcome feature for some users, particularly for those who prefer to record audio messages instead of speaking live. The feature could also be useful for users who don’t have their hands free to type or for those who got no time to engage in a full-blown conversation. Remarkably though, many are saying that with the new feature, Instagram is moving further away from its origins and is already losing its uniqueness, as it has already become over-cluttered with features that are identical to Facebook.


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