Infographics: Boost up your google ranking via factors by Backlinko

20/05/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Google’s wonder pack of tremendous Algorithms has more in store to give jaw-dropping effect to the search engine optimizers to input their best skills with brand new add-ons and plug-ins. SEOs need to screw up your Desktops to eavesdrop into these, often ‘unannounced ‘updates.

How if some awesome features and Google tools could bring in an instant scroll upwards in search engines? Sounds cool and refreshing for the SEO experts, indeed!

So is the emergence of Google’s Ranking factors that most of the commoners are ignorant of, which drills on the ways of enhancements to top the list.

Alas! There are one million search results to make a pool!! How if, you mark a drift in your position in terms of search results positions? The power to analyze these finger-tricks, makes an SEO perfect!!!

Let’s Navigate through the list of Google Ranking Factors

  • Domain diversity – In an SEO viewpoint, domain diversity forms an integral part of ranking
  • Longer Content Vs Shorter Content – An average word count of Google’s first page search result round up to 1,890 words. The highest ranking in Google’s search results always pinpoint to most populated and longer content.
  • HTTPS – Comparatively, a strong correlation can be sensed in terms of HTTPS to Google Ranking factors.
  • Backlinks This forms the topmost factor in Google’s ranking. More the number of backlinks, maximum is the ranking when compared to pages with fewer backlinks.
  • In-Depth Content – More precise and focused is the content, more is the ranking. The art of delivering comprehensive and eyeball capturing content meticulously developed gives a special space.
  • Content with Images – An image speaks a thousand words. Pictorial representations take you high on page. Therefore, images always cross words in terms of Google ranking.
  • Title Keyword – Magic to tag your target keyword as title to boost up ranking.
  • Check your Speed – Pages should be intensive and on toes, as none prefer prolonged buffer while loading websites. Fast loading helps you rank higher.
  • Bounce Rate – Lower the bounce rate, higher is the Google Ranking.
  • Short Vs Long URL – It’s odd to view long URLs. Google Ranking always moves on with shorter URLs rather than longer ones.
  • Domain Link Authority Increase the number of links to your sites, increase and improve rankings for other pages on your sites.


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