How to use markup schema for SEO to grow your business

14/04/2024 20mins
Ramesh Ch


Markup Schema is a structured markup format that enables search engines to better understand and interpret the informations in your website. Schema, its benefits and the scale of difficulty in marking up sites using schema, etc., is known to many but hardly few have tried this markup. Somehow, the effort to markup using schema overshadows its benefits and only few sites have used and reaped its benefits.

The Schema microdata is to be added manually to each page and thus is a tiring task especially for sites with hundreds and thousands of pages. In your site more the properties you apply schema microdata, more clear and transparent the purpose of your site and its content will become to the search engines. It is not mandatory to markup all properties but to enable Google to create rich snippets and to get effective results it is advisable to markup maximum properties in your site with schema microdata. Thus, you got to consider Schema and other similar structured markup formats as the best practice to enable search engines to efficiently find and display your site’s content.

Just like other structured markup formats, Schema microdata too is added directly to the HTML code of a web page. The microdata works to define exactly the content on the web page and enable search engines to extract and provide relevant additional details to the search engine crawlers.


Growth and success of online businesses depend heavily on creating and maintaining a high ranked visibility on all search engines especially on the popular ones like Google. Markup Schema work best for SEO and contributes to business growth by:

  1. Creating “Rich Snippets” : A rich snippet is a text file containing a code that enhances the search engine result presentation and make your site look relevant in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Google uses structured data to create rich snippets, which in turn enhances the web page’s search result links. An example looks like this:


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