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How to use gamification to make your business processes more exciting

24/06/2024 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Level up your business processes by using gamification techniques. All you have to do is take your website, mobile app or other marketing tactics and then integrate game mechanics. You’ll engage and retain your customers and see higher conversion and loyalty. Why? Because human beings love to win a game, and you tap into that natural competitive instinct to drive your business processes.

What is the Gamification Trend?

Experts predict that gamified business practices will drive about $12 billion of sales by 2021. To be clear, it’s not about developing a new game around your brand. It means using common features in games – goals (or in gaming language, quests), badges and trophies, collecting points to level up, competing against other players, and being part of a passionate community.

eBay was one of the first companies to use gamification when they applied the bidding system to e-commerce. Aside from being able to get good deals, people got a kick out of outbidding their competitors, getting real-time feedback, and earning stars.

Today, smaller companies are using gamification to quickly grow their customer base. Seat PG, which develops directories and maps, got over 15,000 website visits when they launched a treasure hunt game that people could play with their friends. Starbucks also got people to sign up for their app by rewarding customers for using its features with free downloads and product giveaways. Duolingo, an educational app that teaches different languages, has attracted 60 million users because it rewards them with badges and keeps lessons interesting with challenges. Users also get email alerts that praise them for a job well done!

Experts say that gamification is gaining traction because people want an emotional connection to brands. By adding game-like features, you get customers to regularly interact with your product and service, which builds a relationship with them. It also gives your company a personality and distinguishes you from the competition.

Using Gamification on Employees 

While companies are often focused on customer engagement, it’s also important to invest in employee engagement too. One study by industry research expert Gartner says that 70% of business efforts fall short of targets and expectations because employees are demoralized or detached.  

You can use gamification techniques to rekindle your employees’ passion for excellence and get them to learn both technical and leadership skills. That’s what Deloitte did for their workshop for senior executives: they added leaderboards and trophies and saw all the participants complete the certification in half the time it usually did.

How to Apply Gamification to your Business  Practices 

Gamification in business rests on 3 principles: motivation (or creating rewards and points), mastery of a skill or concept, and triggers or moments when they have the opportunity to win or complete a task.  

To apply the gamification principle, first, define the business goal you want them to meet. Is it to learn a new skill, solve a problem, or complete certain tasks? What behaviour are you trying to influence and encourage? From there, devise a system of rewards that reflect what your target market likes. Adding social elements can also increase the “gaming” experience because they’re playing with (or against) other people.

With gamification, you can see both customers and employees become more excited about doing well. And what prize do you and the company get? The best of all is you win their loyalty.


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